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Heli Logging Video

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Your the man helilog56, hows the old crane saying go : "............. :punk:


Trust me MT......my wife would say otherwise :shock:


Actually, one old crane saying used to go, "never to high, and never too fast".... that quote, (that came from the ex chief pilot for Erickson), has been shoved (thankfully), by the wayside. The "old" culture was "production" at any cost.....that equated to much abuse (breakage) to the aircraft and much downtime . Fortunately, that mentality has been replaced with more professionalism and common sense these days. These are aging aircraft, and the spare parts pool is very shallow. Erickson also sells these to other countries, the support for those, are very demanding of the manufacturer. Erickson is tooling up and seeking certification to manufacture more parts, but as one can appreciate, that takes a lot of time and money. ;)

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