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New Name For Longranger

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well 407, it is time to give longranger a new name. on sat evening he and his flying buddy showed up back home in moncton with their new Astar B3. the old 206L after having done a great job for many years was returned to yow getting ready to be put out to pasture. the new helicopter should also do a very good job and keep the boys on their toes over the next little while they learn all the good and bad of a new machine.

407, when things slow down don't forget when you get to yvr to come by for a visit .

longranger.. when you have a the autopilot turned on and it is following the flightplan in the gps, yes you can take your hands of the controls.


have a great day



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Our dear boy must be still in shock .....moving from a 14,000 hr 206L to a B3 is a big step. Perhaps the Force should have put him in an old B model DeathStar for a 50 hour conversion course first?

I can't think of any good names for LR that accurately reflect the virtues of his new ride at the moment, but perhaps we could open this up to the masses of wit and talent on this site...


Everyone, send us your best new name for LR, and don't spare the words, everything not obviously illegal will be considered................ :D:P

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The old 206L that he used to fly was known as a Longranger, and it is from this that he got his previous name.

As the AS 350 B3 also has a name, he can now be referred to as Squirrel.

Just don't try to grab his nuts !!


(or if Stick Jiggler is correct and the pilot formerly known as Longranger hasn't learnt yet to hold the cyclic very still to avoid the "A-star shuffle", the name Squirly might be more appropriate).

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how about the long........walker texas ranger..Grand Prairie Texas that is...

Check out the posts on the vertical reference forums on Eurocopter's B3 engines.

I worked on one that came down from Alaska of Roberts, They were dropping it off on Eurocopters doorstep and saying fix me, I wont start in the cold,and I start on my own,like the one in Yellowknife I heard... If it is as reliable as the ones in the U.S., He'll be doing some walking......

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I saw the beast yesterday and I think they looked at the list of options and said, "Okay." Everything but the kitchen sink as far as I could tell. Made my poor B1 look pretty tired. I vote for The Wandering Crew. Given that the Queen's Cowboys are going to cover all the Maritimes and Newfoundland with it, there's going to be plenty of wandering.

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