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Pilot Engineers

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When you say pay is a contributing factor what exactly do you mean? Pilot pay is substantially more? Or that pilot/engineer pay does not make the extra engineering licence worth it? What kind of numbers are we looking at for pilot/engineers vs pilots?


So in general, has the desire for P/Es diminished? I had heard that small companies love them, more bang for the buck...

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One reason to have both was you could do the ICS courses and had the engineer there to help you.and when not flying,you logged the hours toward the licence.If you fail your medical you are jobless .But an engineers licence is something to fall back on. and with the M1/2 setup, you can jump to fixed wing easier and back again.my daily is around double of the contract guys I work with. I get $25 an hour vs the pilots 25-60 depending on specialty. plus I get $400 for a 100 hr.

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Ma Nature saved everything in this neck of the woods, it's raining here. The BC Mystery of Forests is laying off aircraft big time now, on account of all fires in the area are fogged-in mudpits. Even Parks Canada (that bottomless money pit) is going to lay off our L3 tomorrow, shame, after their IA crew just ordered snow shovels to continue the fight in KNP....

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