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Ah-ha! There's one of em now!!


I remember back in 2003 when I first joined this forum and Curtis was the first person to fire me off a PM. He was then a F/O with Helijet on the S76 and was kind enough to offer me a guest pass for myself and my then girlfriend (now wife) to fly to Vancouver for the day. It was a huge gesture to come from a total stranger.

My girlfriend had never been in a helicopter, and was still very wary about me wanting to go down that path career-wise. We jumped at the chance, flew to Vancouver and hopped on the next flight back to Vic. We returned Curtis's kindness with a free lunch on Victoria's waterfront a few days later.

In 2004 I was put thru the ringer by my instructor and was a fresh 100 hour newbie that New Year's Eve. August 2005 found me back at Helijet, working the ramp. About a week after I started, a flight landed and a very familiar guy got out.

We spent the next year joking, and beating and punching each other in between flights. Somewhere along the line there was a mix-up in the laundry and Curtis wound up with an extra bar on his shoulder....


And next month, roughly 4 years after I joined the forum, Curtis will have to deal with me as his F/O for a few days.... within arms reach for 30 minutes at a time!


Mwahahahaha!!!! :blur:

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and then there is also this guy who invited me down to helijet and showed me the 61 as well as the 76 and also offered me a guest pass to fly to Vancouver and back .. now I wish I could say I had done the training and all, not quite there yet, but seems like the foundation is laid .. :)


this seems to be one of them pay forward/back things .. thanks a lot Ryan! congratulations F/O

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There's a few of us here on the forum, but I seem to be the only one who'll admit it haha. :lol:


I'm not afraid to admit it!!!! I just do not have as much time as you Ryan to be on the forum all the time with your half day skeds HAHAHAHA. Yes Helijet is a great place to get your first start. You first start off pulling hose :shock: (no not that kind of hose) then you can move into Flight Ops, where you do all the flight following, flight plans etc... Fight Ops is also a great job for learning the rules and reg's of IFR.


The ramp at Helijet has worked for almost everybody who has put in the effort and showed the bosses up stairs that they really want to be there.


PS If John L says no the first time keep bugging him until he says YES.


Good Luck

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I just do not have as much time as you Ryan to be on the forum all the time with your half day skeds HAHAHAHA


Says the guy who is on shift right now haha. What's the matter man? Nothing good to watch on that 50' TV in the crew room? Your lazy-boy chair not comfy enough muffin? :lol:


PS. Check your voice mail. Still got a few shifts you might be interested in. (please please please)

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