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New Alternate Minima

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No debate, there's an exemption to CAR 602.123. The Canadian's have adapted FAA CFR Sec 91.69 IFR for helo ops which only requires an alternate to be 200 feet above the lowest usaeble HAT and 1 mile vis, regardless if its precision or non-precision or the number of approaches.


I'm at home now but I'll see if I can find it later and I'll pass it along.

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Yea, its not too clear, is it?


Because the wording in 3. matches the wording in RAC 3.14.1, I'd hazard a guess that the old standards apply if a TAF is unavailable, but I certainly wouldn't put any money on it.


Likewise, 1. regarding GPS only approaches, doesn't include the same wording as RAC 3.14.1 that if RAIM Check..etc.etc...allowing GPS only airports as alternates, so perhaps you can't apply the 200 feet but have to go with the old standard (for a non-precision approach) as well.


CTD, any comments?


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This got me thinkin. Heres my take on it. CAP GEN 18 criteria still apply as written. They want a TAF to allow these lower limits. Come to think of it I would want one too. It's a rare day you would want to fly IFR in a Helo using a GFA. We used to do it quite a bit up in the Arctic but we were operating BFR up there. (Beaufort Flight Rules) :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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