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Long Time No Read

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It's been a long time since i've posted on this site, it seems as though i'd forgotton one of my biggest intrests when really i was just taking a step towards it. All summer I was either working, sleeping or at the flight school but the trade off is that in a week or so i' should have my PPL fixed wing. And before I know it I'll be flyin fling wing too. All the guy's that post on this site and the old one have been an excellent scource of information, comedy and inspiration to me.

Id just like to say thanks for telling these stories and helping me understand more about what i like doing, flying. Its a lot of fun and you've all motivated me in one way or another. :up:

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Put down the beer and step away from the computer !!

I knew this would be a problem when I saw the first advertisement for an Internet-Pub.


Now wipe your teary eyes, and let's have a group hug.

Half-child, I'm sure you will fit into this industry if you are still living in your infancy like most of us.

What worries me though, is what the other half of you is...........we have a few characters in this business already that are confusing us !!!!

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