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Pat On The Back To Gemini Heli


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To the low time pilots applying for these positions I will tell you this little story.


Twelve or thirteen years ago (could be even more maybe) I ended up in the NW corner of Alberta with my 206. There were fires everywhere and it was one of those go right away things and what you need will catch up to you when you get there. Yea right. So I end up beside this hanger with nothing more than clothes a bucket and fueling gear.

The guy that you are possibly going to work for put out the welcome mat for me and we had never met before. His hanger was at my disposal which included a rest area, garden hose, consumables etc. Most importantly was a pilot who was happy enough to share his local knowledge about AFS procedures, radio freq's, remote fuel locations and so on, even though I was there in his back yard mowing his grass so to speak!

I was only there a few days then dispatched else ware. The hospitality was greatly appreciated, and I had to leave a note to say thanks as my departure was during one of his busy flying days.


Sometimes people change, most people that are sincere keep that trait for a lifetime.


It was the one and only time I have every ran into this individual, but I have never forgot the name.


I think those low time individuals will have nothing to worry about.


as far as the naysayers go, just remember there are 3 sides to every story, yours, their's and the truth!


...pay it forward...


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Sorry Chopperman, I know Gemini would never hire 100hr pilots purely for the cheap labor it provides, but rather because your a pilot humanitarian who has only the industries best intentions at hand.
Not sure who you are, nor do I care to. But unless you're stepping up to the plate to offer a better deal for these individuals, you should keep your comments to yourself, as they really don't add to much postive to the industry.


I'm thinkin' that you would never quailfy for the opportunity, but it just may be the doorway for these 6 people.


If you had a bad experience with them, then it sucks to be you. So where would you suggest these low time pilots go to get started that would be a better deal?


Most workout well few don't. It's mostly about attitude and personality.

But we also only put them on jobs that suit their skill level and it works well.

Ya got to start somewhere right?


We've all heard it: Attitude determins your altitude...


Good on you chopperman, you are indeed paying it forward! Good luck in helping these low timers get started...

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I've ruffled some feathers with my postings, intentionally, as I want those managers to reply, I want those same managers to tell us all what they are going to do to fix the last 25 years worth of poor business practices.


There is a big difference between truth.....and one's perception of the truth.


If your intention was so, you didnt have to be an arsehole about it and go about it the way you did by attacking Todd in this thread.


Ask the question without the other crap and you might get more answers to your questions.


Consider this a warning.



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... I want those same managers to tell us all what they are going to do to fix the last 25 years worth of poor business practices.


There is a big difference between truth.....and one's perception of the truth.


I get a real charge out of ambiguous people that feel the this industry should be exempt from a mix of both good, average and bad "business practices (free enterprise, as I understand it)......this stuff spewed by probably someone that can not even balance a chequebook is hilarious, another self professed "expert" that feels they have all the answers to fix the heli industry...... maybe SLH, you should go out and invest in your own company, and show the industry how it should be done.... :rolleyes:

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I think there are some valid points to be made here, as long as we can cut the mud slinging to a minimum.


There are CERTAINLY things our industry needs to do better, can do better, and should do better. Of that there can be little argument. That said, what needs to be understood by those starting out, is that change is a slow process, and even the most well intentioned owners and operators are working within an established system, where rates are competitive, pay scales are very fluid, and those in the higher positions are usually of an older generation that remembers the way "it used to be." Not entirely a bad thing either.


The treatment of low timers is something that could/should be addressed, but there is merit to the current system as well. Once a young/new pilot is checked out, and considered "ready," there is an enormous amount of responsibility placed on that individual, in terms of looking out for the equipment, the customers safety, and providing a level of service to that conforms to the "standard" for that particular job. Operators need to see that individual is trust worthy before cutting them loose. Of course some of the methods used to find this out are very questionable.


As for those of us who have been at it for a while, some have it better than others, but it boils down to making the best situation for yourself relative to your position in the industry. Don't accept job offers for less than a fair rate, don't fly shotty equipment, and don't break rules for customers or employers, as you are the one who'll pay when it goes pear shaped. If we all held ourselves to a high enough standard, things will improve - and I think we ARE seeing this now. Of course there are always those who will work more for less.... And that's another post entirely.



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I just figured it was my turn to spit out some useless sh%t comments like the rest of you...... maybe the difference is that I know I'm full of it. I was really bored today, and so I'd like to thank you all for entertaining me.


-Shits and Giggles-



These young pilots are getting their break into the industry, your attitude and comments are way out of line. :down:

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A good post AR...very eloquently said.

I "do" get tired of the whiners (naysayers) though (like SLH). We all know there is room for improvement and change.....but like you said, "change is a slow process".

What some of have forgotten, and some are to young to the industry to even know, is that deregulation here in Canada really changed the industry in a large way. It is still in a state of development, and what I feel is, trying to find itself.


The "globalization" of the industry has also played an important role of industry change, just look at the direction (and growth) of companies like CHC and VIH have taken, look how diverse we are with the largest, and smallest operators spread across this vast country.


My point here is, that the industry will continue to grow and change, some will have the patience and perseverance to make it work for them, and a lot will not. That is all a matter of personal choice. This industry has been fun for me, and along the way I have found that yes, it can be financially rewarding also. I have been asked more than just once or twice, "given a second chance, would you do it all over again"?


In a heartbeat my friends....in a heartbeat. ;)


So for my kneejerk (passionate) reactions sometimes towards the whiners out there.....tough. If you don't like it, cry to your momma instead (maybe, just maybe, she'll care).

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I was out talking to Todd and Mark this time last year. Both great guys, a very nice shop and well kept machines. Todd was even kind enough to take me out for dinner and beers later that night with the rest of the Gemini crew.


Pretty rare generosity for a dime-a-dozen 100 hour guy to get from a CP he'd never met till just hours before. :up:

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