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Pat On The Back To Gemini Heli


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i first met the toddster when he first moved to nw alberta about ...oh....15-16 years ago....


he was a stand up guy then and good traits never change :up:


here's a guy that has started 9 lowtime guys in the last two years and will start another 6 this year!! if every company followed suit................


good on ya...todd!! :up:

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SLH --------down here on planet Earth where I live, what you describe has been going on since my extended family entered aviation in 1917. I should also advise that if you think that it is bad in R/W aviation, then also be aware that it is even worse in F/W aviation and that your bum would be sore for decades over there. I should also advise that what you describe exists in every trade and profession that you care to name.........and always will......and sometimes you aren't even kissed while they are doing it to you.


There will always be the strong feeding upon the weak. There will always be the naive who provide that food source for the former to devour. There will also always be need for improvement. While all this crap is taking place there will be another group in operation at the same time.........and they've always been around also, but are seldom mentioned. That's the group that provides good management to the very best of their abilities. They provide decent wages, training, benefits, equipment and good treatment to those whom they employ. They also provide items like bonuses if the company does well, great Xmas parties where people want for nothing and even.......hold on here!........company-wide raises that are sometimes unexpected and not asked for. They also have many people who have been with them for decades. Will I ever be paid what I feel I'm worth?........not in this lifetime nor any to follow.


Do we need further big-time change in this industry on this planet also?..... you can bet your bippie we do and I've stated so on this site many times before. We'll always need change for the better, but at all times one major item has to be remembered........we are a CHARTER industry and all our fortunes rise and fall (sometimes daily) at the whim of forces over which none of us have any control at all........INCLUDING management and owners. My salary/wages have in most cases, always been a reflection of that hard fact


That's life on this planet SLH......I'm sorry to hear that it's been worse on yours.

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Hmmmm, Is anyone else having a hard time seeing SLH's point. If its pay and treatment, well you just haven't been around long enough to see that there has been change. 100 hr pilots are treated better now than when I started eight years ago.

You also tried to bring up an issue about training. Now I've never worked for Gemini, but I am familiar with the type of work they do. I started out in a similar way at a similar company. My first year was spent flying pipelines and jumping from lease site to lease site. Now, how much training is required for this type of work? I feel that if you can pass a Transport Canada flight test than you should be able fly along a pipeline and be able to take off and land at a prepared and level lease site. As you build hours and experience you should be able to do more.

I think it is great that companies like Gemini are willing to hand out opportunities like this. Like I said earlier, I've never met them but will stop by for a coffee next time i pass through High Level.


Fly safe, fly smart


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I saw this thread for the first time today so I missed what the controversy was regarding us hiring low timers.

Our Ops manager started here as a 100 pilot, our check pilot started here as a 100 hour pilot, our Astar and EC12O drivers all started here as 100 pilots. As a matter of fact, correct me if I'm wrong Todd but I beleive all our current pilots started here as low timers with the exception of two, one of whom is Todd.

The track record here is very obvious. We hire low timers every year and the ones that do well and stick around will eventually work their way up the ladder, plain and simple.

Also, almost all of these pilots and engineers are either part owners of the company or they are part owners of a leasing company that owns an aircraft (and is in the process of buying a second one) and leases it to Gemini.

Anyone that comes to work here, gives us a fair chance and is willing to commit for more than just a few years will get a lot more than just a pay check, they'll get a piece of the action.

Does everybody like it here? no

Are we the highest paying company in the country? probably not

Can we please everybody? no

Is the company growing and improving every season? absolutely

Are the owners young, motivated and still excited to be working in this industry? absolutely!

It's not perfect here but it could be a lot worse!


If you're gonna criticize us, fine. But at least do your homework first and make sure you know what you're taking about!






Christian Dallaire

Director of Maintenance

Gemini Helicopters

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