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Canadian Air Crane

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Yup, the rumors are true!! H56 is getting a big raise!! :punk: :punk: :punk:


SP....you can be my boss anytime...... :D The rumour mill never ceases to amaze me. Yes, there has been discussions of managing the hours of the aircraft a bit tighter during the long days of summer, we have those aircraft airborne up to 16 hours/day. But you can be assured that not much is going to change this year, one ship will be helping out contract wise across the border on fires for a brief period. But CAC is committed to it's customers and have made assurances to them, of fullfilling their needs.


Heliben is partly correct in the support area, Erickson also sells these things to other countries, and the support required is huge, as we are part of that family, we do our part to help with that support.


Now about that raise...... :rolleyes:

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