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Flying In The Arctic

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But short and sweet:


Winter - don't cheap out on clothing, buy the BEST, you need it.


Summer - Pack a mosquito net for your bed, for a month or so when the bugs are bad, they're unlike anywhere on Earth. And a good bug Jacket too. And Deet.


Luggage - don't be embarrassed about bringing a full hockey bag of gear, you'll only go unprepared once....


Camera - Buy a good little point and shoot digital, and take it everywhere.


Fishing Rod - A MUST.(strong line if you're in Char country...)



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Ive recently been given an oppertunity to head up north and work for Great Slave Helicopters. :punk: I guess im posting this to see if any of you have any words of wisdom as to what to expect and look out for. Im sure any experience or memories you share with me will help out alot.


Thanks "Billy Hill".



There are lots of very experienced Artic Flyers at GSHL. They, mostly, are more than willing to give you lots of helpful information about flying in the artic. As was stated, it is better to be over prepared with foul weather gear than unprepared. The cost of purchasing anything up North is insane if you can even get it. Watch the weather, it can be really bad especially the route between Yellowknife and Baker lake ( worst place I have ever seen for bugs in the summer :shock: ) Oh Did someone mention BUGS :down: . The landscape is highly varring and yes, bring your camera. It is definitely an experience that I loved and learned alot from.

Best of luck. If you end up working with Kurt tell him that steve says hi.



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Get your hands on a Hydro survival guide, GSH probably has some, or something better. Read it over and over when you are waiting around.


Buy a 12 inch folding saw, works good on ice and wood, lightweight. (MEC).


Get some bunny boots, check e-bay, or coleman.com or something like that, I bought a pair on the internet for 80 bucks, they are expensive if you buy them retail.


Take a good leatherman too. And as above mentioned, buy the best winter gear you can afford. GSH will point the right direction.


And always keep some energy bars and water or gatorade with you, or your blood sugar will get low and you'll say something grouchy to the customer who kept you waiting for 3 hours and that won't help at all.


Have a great time, take pictures, you'll always see something amazing when you least expect it.


Good luck!

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i spent a night out in the winter iced up and i second the winter gear comments. don't go cheap, always have it with you. be prepared to be cold. Pilot must sleep with battery, it's a rule.


I missed summer once on my two weeks out on rotation, summer can be short up there, again, see first comment.


The bugs are a no brainer, and it is true they are relentless and if you're a small chap, they could conceivably carry you away..


And know when to say no. I remember flying with a great guy named Rob and going rock to rock in flat light, light icing, and not enjoying it at all.....I wish I said no......I think he did too, the sweaty palms and forehead were a giveaway.


another point is that your perception is off somewhat with there being no trees. I once wanted to take a walk up to that hill just over there, well hours later, camp was just a small dot on the horizon behind me and the hill only seemed slightly closer.....keep that in mind for all scenarios.

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