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Get some bunny boots, check e-bay, or coleman.com or something like that, I bought a pair on the internet for 80 bucks, they are expensive if you buy them retail.



Bunny Boots are the bestest. Got mine at (www.gorillasurplus.com/) 100 cdn.


Well worth it.



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when your talk bunny boots, which do you prefer, the white ones or the black ones, i know it's a silly question but each is rated for a different temp.


I got white ones and my feet were never cold...mind you these days I avoid the arctic air mass as much as possible, so a good pair of day hikers is about all I need.


One thing when wearing them in a Jet Box make sure you've got room for the extra bulk under the compass when using lots of L. pedal. Reverse thing on some Astars with the electrical box thingy when pushing lots of R. pedal. Boots can get caught on both.

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Like every one has said, it's all about the gear.


Make sure you have it on your back and feet. If you're not wearing it when you have an incident don't assume you'll be awake or have the strength to put it on. Under some circumstances keeping your gear in the baggage compartment is the same as leaving it at home.


I never believed everything I heard about bunny boots until I got some. They're worth every penny.


Helly Hansen insulated coveralls are another favorite of mine and if it's really cold I'll have my Canada Goose expedition parka on over the coveralls.


I'm not much of a pack rat but I'll never give away or sell my winter gear.


It's kept me warm and comfy while I slept in the back of an a-star waiting for clients many a day.


Fly safe,



PS - The same goes for your clients. Don't fly ppl who aren't dressed to spend the night.

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Bought a pair in 95, still have em, great boots.


Oh and for our southern friend,,,they're white, cause polar bears don't look above ankle high so it's like camo, the black ones are like "buffet over here"


Nah just kidding, polar bears is color blind.....well no, that's no good either, polar bears eat everything 'cept penguins.


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After doing both "Poles", both F/W and R/W, over a period of 35-40 years I can pass-on two basics for remaining alive. Without paying attention to these two, it makes no difference what you're paid, what you wear or for whom you work. Disregard these with the full knowledge that both "Poles" have a low tolerance for fools:


1) All NEW fuel cache sites must be verified before passing your PNR (Point of No Return). Until you have done so, consider that the fuel cache was put-out by someone who couldn't find their *** with two hands and a flashlight.......REGARDLESS of their experience.


2) Regardless of navigation equipment onboard, keep a map handy at all times and get to know and learn the country over which you are passing. All of your fancy electronic and battery operated equipment may fail you in some, but your finger and eyes seldom do. Lastly, maps that are back in the hat-rack at either "Pole" are an indication of the pilot having a "brain cramp".



Obey the above and you will find that flying at the top and bottom of this planet is some of the most visually exciting and memorable that you will ever encounter.

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some cooks are so good that you wonder how they made a gourmet meal from what was on the shelf. and some cooks the only place they should cook is Dr.Ballards. watch out for the cook that thinks that since air crews have there own tents, you must be gay. Working in the Arctic is a great experience. enjoy

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