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Down Griffon


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I read the article about the previous griffon crash and was just wondering if Bell had ever given an official report on the T/R cracking. I know the military guys are convinced it was a teeny tiny crack that caused it, but is Bell?

Just reading the statement from the military investigator who said that thousands of military and civilian aircraft were at risk makes me wonder if Bell is concerned at the very least.


Maybe cover-ups and conspiracy? :o

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Hi all and twinstar_ca


After a few unpleasant posts I decided not to post any more links here. But if you ever need something about accidents, just go "South of the Border" and you find them there (well at least until another newbie start complaining about to many news)



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Dude, most us (the majority) enjoyed having you post the news and relevant articles that you did post. I wont speak for everyone but......




Dont let a few get to you.


I hope all is well with y'a.




R B)

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The previous Griffon accident involving the tail rotor should be no reflection on the manufacturer. The 'teeny crack' propagated from a dent which was far beyond MM limits, and the blade had soot, grease and soap inside. Somebody isn't doing their maintenance. Again. That blade has over 20,000,000 hours in service, and has a solid record.


Take a look at a six year-old Griffy with 2000 hrs on it, then cast your eyes over a 20 year-old 212 with 20,000 from an operator like Alpine. If we don't put some money in to the military soon, so these guys can maintain their aircraft and their currency, we'll not have a military to talk about.

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