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Wanna See The B429 Fly?

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Looking at those skids, I thought it was a Eurocopter.


(but a closer look shows it's just an old 206 on steroids. How long before that 1960's tailboom can't handle that fancy tail rotor, and the ADs start to come out??)


Hey Bell, nice "new" helicopter, yawn.

Where's your new (??) 417, yawn.

Are you still rebuilding 205s into new "210s"??, yawn.

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Tailboom looks shorter that a 206...T/R looks smaller...is it 4 blade?

Yeah it's four blades but actually it looks like two JetRanger t/r superimposed with opposing delta hinges.....Kinda like their 412's (two m/r heads bolted together) To quote Over-Talk.....Yawn

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well, they already did that with the 427....whats the next step the 431???? then the 433???? Ah...the evolution of man has no chance against this evolution :rolleyes:


"Bell Helicopters, the leaders in Evolution"


remember, this aircraft was supposedly built with the customers input too.....


who did they ask is my question :punk: . (insert jokes that cover third graders all the way to bi-polar Base managers and owners)

Judging from a few of the new items, when they asked "Mr Blah Blah from Someplace Helicopters LLC", he must have just shown them a few pictures of competitors aircraft and they ran with it.

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