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Wanna See The B429 Fly?

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Well, at least it was designed and tested in Canada. More than what I can say about Eurocopter product. Argue all you want about bush camp technology, I don't see any tilt rotor designs coming from France yet.


Why do people still buy Bell product, support, support, support, not advise from a forum as to what type of grease to use, etc. etc. etc.

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Dewey Baby, good to see you're still alive. I miss you.


Being an ex from both sides of the fence you do have valid points, but thus far the tiltrotor isn't mainstrem, nor is it looking like it'll be taking over the market yet. Its still a niche and therefore I don't blame the competitors for not testing the waters to any great degree yet to create another tiltrotor and saturate a virtually non existant market at the moment.


you were with Bell during the 427 birth weren't you? how about speaking your mind on it from the heart, you don't work there now, be candid if you wish. It was a failure clearly, how do failures like that happen? How well are they accepted/not accepted with-in the confines of the walls at Bell?


Although you may feel that Bell wading into the tiltrotor technology makes up for the areas they lack, keep in mind that Bell did not ever go alone in the beginning, it's been a hodge podge of partnerships from the start.

Eurocopter on the other hand has experienced tremendous growth, with high tech products and even though support always seems to be a bone to pick, they must be doing something right ( i know i bust my back side doing my part).....how's them HAI sales figures showing today????? I bet they're still taking names and kicking a$$.

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There has to be somone at Bell trying to figure out a way to eliminate the rear facing seat without looking like a A-Star. My only problem with Bell is their lack of imagination and the fact that they just take a longrager and add more blades...add more HP...sharpen the nose...Blah Blah Blah


Eurocopter Thanks for giving us a quiet fast and safe machine...I'll deal with some AOG time if it means that I don't have to slouch all day and have my ears ringing when I get out.





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:rolleyes: From what I read....there are not a lot of flight crews here from the early days when the first Astar came into the commercial world plagued with problems so bad, the were deemed Fallingstars. The company I was with at the time cancelled the 3 thay had on order, as I remember the Lycoming engine was a disaster, cabin structures would literally seperate from the fuselage and t/r blades struck the tailboom.......but thankfully over time those problems were addressed with many A.D.'s/ S.B.'s <_<


The Astar was far a "quiet, fast and safe" machine in the early days..... :down:

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Well, based on what I've heard abaout this aircraft, the only thing in common with a longranger is the familliar Bell lines. It's supposed to have an open cabin with a flat floor and based on the pictures that I've posted earlier, the tailboom looks alot beefier than that of a longranger. Also, the tail rotor blades look nothing like those of a 206. I wouldn't be so quick at dissing this machine.

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astar only have been falling stars because eurocopter was forces to put the lts 101 into the maschine.

the americanos have been afraid of the arial engine.


look at america...the where building the 500 and jet ranger.. they where building the lama....


if there was no volkswagen they still drive around with drum brakes over here...

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There were more problems with the early astars then just the engine or so I've been told.


Werent they going to limit them to flying in temperatures warmer then -15 a few years ago until they fixed some fuel control problem but heli skiing was too much pressure for transport canada?



I don't think there is such as a thing as a perfect helicopter for all situations and I certainly dont think its fair to name one company as better. Both sides of the pond have made some great aircraft and some ****** ones.

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