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Well I hope they find some good drivers for the "Stoke" I hate to see anybody bend an aircraft. Spent a season there with VIH a few years back, Never worked so hard in my life :unsure: as for the client.... Have fun, Play safe... :down: :down: Being a western boy I feel that the eastern intruders will learn a hard lesson like many before them.... Keep your sticks on the ice boys we'll be on top at the final buzzer. :up:

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I have been following this thread with keen interest. I did some background looking but cannot find out whom is the owner(s) of Heli-Excel, Heli-Inter, Mustang however there is some commonality in the Director General.

If anyone out there has this info could you please reply. Additionally an Operation called was Heli-Wask was created in the same relative time frame with some of the same people involved. Does anyone know what interest they have (all the above minus Mustang) in the James Bay Project? Additionally what is the status of the James Project today.

Thanks for the info in advance> B)

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Correct Nomex…….I got the same info as you, Mustang did not have hull insurance.


Yup, Frenchwrench…… That’s what I heard as well, also lost a few others to my understanding, apprentices, Quality guy, Pilot-Engineers, and a few other AMEs, and stopped using outside AMO’s to supplement staff shortages. I think they only have 1 AME from the original days and I understand he is run off his feet. Rumor has it that they brought in a Chief from one of the owners other companies because the in-house non-speaking French guys were not good enough. Plus I heard they were looking for a bobble head Chief to get along with management. ………just rumor.

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