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Seismic For Sale.

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Matthews will probably continue to be the face at Venture,but the strings and power will be pulled by someone about 5000km away just like they have been for the last 6 months but , as for the DOM at Mustang he is one of the best around English or French as for a bobbleheaded chief pilot I thought they just got rid of one.....as for original AME's at Mustang there are none left as none of the original guys are left there with the exception of one, I hear their turnover rate is quite impressive somewhere near Aerial Recon's in the old days good to see Management using such a wonderful template to build the company.

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No sorry Skinny Weiner Oh I mean LongDog I don't but I do know someone who does if that's what your into. As far as James Bay goes there was not much activity in that area this year, that's why so much gear from Quebec and Ontario was able to head west for the Big Campfires we had out here. Also don't fret boys it won't be Eastern flatlanders flying in the Stoke this year as Mustang will be employing all the guys who used to do it for Campbell as this was part of the contract.............Thank GOD EH because they sure don't have any Mountains in the East or Know how to fly in them, just ask the Universal boys how easy the flying is in the Torngats this time of year.........Piece of Cake ....

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