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Vert-Ref didn't mean to touch a nerve, however we are on the same page. I have a hard time convincing myself that it's okay for french operators to engage western operators on there own back 40, but when the roles are reversed the first time you try and bid a job in Queerbec the politics and laws are brutal. I'am all for a competitive indusry to allow quality and professionalism to excel . However put it on a level playing field and get rid of the double standard. :rant: The indusry needs to work together to allow the market to stabalize so that operators, pilots, and engineers are not working for 1970s wages and 2003 living expenses. I hope for all of us, that company's are expanding due to market demand, and not trying to manipulate the customers perceptions or capture sectors of the industry by driving tariffs and ultimately profit margins even further into the toilet. :down: B)

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Well put Big Duke, and polite too!


I am not so well polished...



NO - gun registration,

- Wheat board,

- Koyoto accord,

- fags gettin' married,

- no low ballin' eastern tariff rates.





You wanna wear a turbin and a uniform at the same time in my country you better be standing behind the counter at a 7-11...


Ironic is it not that the french choppers are built in Ontario and the Texas Redneck one's are built in Quebec...go figure? :blink:

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Its amazing how no company who knows this clown would touch AES. It takes an Eastern influence with no idea of his practices to jump in feet first. I pass on my condolences to the guys at Mustang. You were on your way to an A grade company. I hear the mass excidess has already started. I look forward to seeing your resumes cross my desk.

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Elvis, you are 100% correct...ya think BC , Alberta or the Maritimes were offered such a deal to entice Ma Bell? Just a few similarities in the past, F-18 contracts, Marconi, "Bombadeer" etc. Or maybe the frenchmen are just better businessmen? Not...!!!


So did Musty helicopters lease, buy or rent this stuff? I cannot see how they could "sell" (or sell out!) the crews from AES to Musty?

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Speaking of Vegas, we should think about the HAI in March. So far seems like the Biggsie gets to go this year! Might be fun getting a few of us together! AND, being on the convention/exhibitor subject, any of you who would like to be great souls and rescue the Biggster from the YYZ AME Show, by all means, ya'll welcome to visit me, heck, I'll even buy the bevies. :D

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I feel sorry for the Mustang boys...hear Great Slave is getting some good pilots!!!


Latest I heard was just 2 500's going over - no big deal then!


As far as bashing goes - this is just East West politics!!!


We all know who the shittt companies are to work for, and know one on these forums works for any of them!!! right!!! :o:o:o

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