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Interesting reading regarding this topic, "pitchlink" has some very interesting points, as does a number the posts regarding topic. From what I understand (only my 2 cents) Mustang did have a top notch group, good blend of youth and experience both in the Flt Ops side and the maintenance side.


Rumours circulating throughout the industry is that there is a definite lack management skills and leadership abilities that has cause the dissemination of many, now all that is left is one or two hardworking soles to carry the load and bare the wraith due to the mass exodus of quality people. Ultimately this will lead to burn out and stress...............bringing the HF factor to an entire new level.


Factual information on the street is that "they" Mustang Helicopters, underbid everyone relating to contracts and that goes for the heli-ski contracts with the 2x5's. From reading the posts it appears that it’s not just the them vs. us philosophy (French/English), if one looks long and hard at the recent high turn over in the roots within the company one can't help but identify underlying issues relating to owner influence on the management office, the puppet and the puppet master.


If the OC or the AMO is ever suspended then management might take a different view or alter their way of thinking, but then again maybe not. When those in upper management involved with the decision making resort to the finger-pointing syndrome they have to remember that there are three fingers coming back at them

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Goodmorning All,


From a reliable source: Mustang has never been for sale. They are the branch company of Heli Inter, an eastern operator. Management gave themselves a western name to avoid the whole east west connection. As far as rates go I dont know. Heli Inter aka Mustang baught Venture to further expand in the west. Same goes for AES. Look out they are taking over the world. :shock:

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:blink: Well I wish them the best of luck. <_< I only hope our boy's on the front lines don't pay the price for yet another expansion team. Sounds like Hockey tactics to me. What they fail to see is that there are only so many spectators willing to watch the game, Regardless of what new colour jersey you introduce. Just my humble opinion. :P:D
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I did not know Mustang was even for sale, I knew of situation between Venture and AES and what happen thereafter. That’s got to set up a power struggle within the Operations side to determine who is going to be king of the three little kingdoms. Speculation has it the owner of Mustang made his money in the sawmill business in “La Belle a Province de Quebec”. My understanding is that he bought a sawmill company and then fired over half the employees and soon became very popular with the locals. (Ya, rite)


I also heard that Mustang is only one of many companies owned by the same individual who leases them all out………..his intentions from what I’ve heard through the “rotorwash” is to be the biggest in Canada. I know what they said about the Titanic being the biggest and we all know what happen to it.


The posting that hit on the MD 500’s and the Astar being grounded sure sounded interesting, especially after coming out of inspection. Someone wasn’t following procedures in their applicable Maintenance Schedule and MCM/MPM’s. Yikes!!!

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