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Very similar over here Big Duke, you'll be out flying the Ski-Babes in no time if this weather continues. I drove home from YYC in it last night, thank %^& I was in a Dodge !


The rumor that I heard was Venture was having a tough go of it, and asked for some financial help from Mustang/HeliExel/? /?/? The rumor also stated that they sold 45% to the PQ cartel.

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B) Thanks Pitch link for the summary,


Mustang was in reality a branch of Heli-Excel from Sept-Iles.


It is true that the guy is an agressive businessman, but he is doing well so far. Having flown for them, I can tell you that the company is not as bad as it was said above.


My two cents wort,



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Right on 407, my little bro is in the Bugs helpin Dave sounds like they got puked on there as well :up: Dodge, Yikes I need to come fly for the empire, or hit the old silver back up for a raise :D . I heard rumors VHL was laying off three full time guys, sure hope it's just a rumor :( . May drop in for a wobaly pop with cooper jr, once kicking horse opens.

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Yes, I've heard the same information that was provided by pitch link. From what I understand, and this is only speculation, the owner made his money in the lumber or sawmill industry. From what I understand he bought a lumber company in "La Belle a Province de Quebec" and laid off over have the employees soon after he bought it with little or no compensation, he became quite popular with the locals I'm sure.


I think you can make the same paralleled observation to the flood of personnel leaving the helicopter company as to that of the lumber company lay offs, as I mentioned in one of my previous post it’s there is a lack of overall people skills and commitment of management towards the successes of their devoted employees………just one’s opinion. There must be a bit of a power struggle to see who will be king of the three little kingdoms (Mustang/Venture/AES).



Interesting analogy Big Duke, comparing the happenings at Mustang to “hockey tactics”. I’d be more concerned that the good guys on the front line might be traded to the east for more unskilled but yet zombie like participants, placing those who think they count from the west on waivers.

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They better find some good proven talent if they want to make money on Skiing. This mountain area weather is not for their favorite eastern pilots. The also have 2 of the more "famous" European owned Heli-Ski operations to deal with (read ..Huns on sticks).... You Vill do It MY way, Unt you will do it NOW, Ya?

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