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More fuel for the fire............................


I copied below an early post I made on this topic - which partially goes to explain the low rates - not sure what percentage of tariff would go to insurance though - it does seem like they are seriously trying to get control of the west by being the low bidder.


"....the Mustang machines are owned without financing and there is no hull insurance on them, allowing them to cut rates"


I tried to dig up an old news release on the 3 yr contract Mustang got with Parks Canada at Wood Buffalo, could only get the following exerpt:


"RED DEER, AB : Minister McLellan announces awarding of $984,855

contract to Mustang Helicopters Ltd.: 5 jobs maintained (contract-Mustang)"


That was for three years for a 350B2, I understood the wet rate was $1000. Also Anne McLellan praised Mustang for giving such a low bid! Also it is curious that so many Mustang machines were on the Parks Canada contracts and even their machines that came late stayed late vs the usual first called last cut.


That being said, I'll repeat what was said earlier, those guys from Mustang flying and wrenching at the fires for Mustang were top notch and so were their machines -so, go figure!

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All I can say is :stupid:

It sure would be nice to know how these people think, :blink: or maybe not.

Well It'll be a interesting winter. As 407driver has mentioned before with the heli-skiing

in CYRV, I hope they have some talented drivers or it could be messy. They wont make much money with out Haul insurance.

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First post at this site and agree whole heartedly with firehawk and 407. Venture let drivers go and did the big paycut after everybody busted *** all summer and made up for the previous losses. They have a great crew of all western boys and lots of mountain experience and whack in comes that eastern influence and it goes to ****. It should be intersting to see how it all plays out, but it sure is all for the greed factor. :stupid:

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