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The last that I heard, the skiing in the Stoke will be run under Venture's OC, the main reason they bought into VHL. So I would imagine that there will be a couple of reasonable mountain guys there. They had better have some experience there, as the Stoke can have some fun weather during the winter. ;)



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I know a few of the Venture boys. My understanding is that one full-time guy laid off and one full-time asked to go contract. (both good guys) The pay scale will be changed in January. Sounds like the monthly will be reduced and the hourly goes up. The pilots I talked to don't sound to unhappy with the deal. I don't know if there are any changes with the engineers.

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Hey Putz, (I sure hope that is a loving handle :P ) I heard from an extremely reliable sorce that lay off's were forcasted for some full timers at VHL (venture Helicopters Ltd.) not VIHL. I have talked to some of there ski and drill pilots and things don't appear as bad as they sound on this forum. However, let time be the judge of that. I personally would like to see all of these helicopter companies do well. Nobody wants to see people lose ther jobs, I don't care who you work for. Unfortunaley the industry has shown in the past that these buisness ideaologies of lowering Tarriff's to try and obtain or secure contracts with the hope of making up that profit margin sometime in the future, doesn't work ie, NMH, Peace, Okanagan, Associated to name a few. Once again, the people that pay the price are the guys trying to make a living.


Heir 407, Ve gates. Ya ve shall see how zis vinter will play out.... Das Verbouden! :D And ya very familiar with the whole "glowing personality".

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I know that vhl let 3 full time pilots go after offering them contract work:just before Christmas here, due to work slowing down. They cut the rates on the other pilots after they had made the larger monthly salaries in the summer, an a low low hourly rate. Thinking that the higher monthly money would help the pilots over the slow months. It seems as though an ax is prefferable to this management team, who is sleeping with the enemy. After talking with a few of the pilots there, they are not even remotly happy with the deal or how there fellow pilots were dealt with.

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-Changing payscales going into the winter.

-Too many chiefs, no injuns.

-Low rates.

-layoffs of the english speaking pilots?

-Eastern Canada Influence

-Taking over every comnpany available.

-tired old equipment (some that was bought at least?)


Sounds like they are following the CHW master plan to take over the WEST, I wonder how they got a copy of MacKay's Play-book? <_<:rolleyes:

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Migawd, I love how history just goes on repeating itself until SOMEBODY gets the message and things actually change (yeah, right!).


Also, the nostalgia this thread brings up - 47's: G2, G3B1, G4 and 4A, J and J2 - who's been reading my logbook?!?


But today's tale reminds me, too much, of when Ritchie Rasmussen brought the forces of darkness out of 'La Belle Province' to dear old YEG after the Shirley apple cart was upset. But thank heaven, all the aspirants to be 'biggest and best' have gone by the board while the working class plod on, holding it all together for the next brave entrepreneur.


Kudos to the dreamer who mentioned a 'level playing field.' Dream on, my friend. Maybe when they break up this unworkable country, IF you end up with a constitution and political system worth their salt. Otherwise, hunker down, keep 'em turnin' and buy Canada Cravings Bonds!!! CTD FOR PRESIDENT!!!

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