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Helicopters & Cellphones adapters?

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How many of you out there are using the ''Flightcell'',''Cellset'',or ''Safetycell?'' These are the three available ''plug''n go'' cellphone adapters into the existing avionics. Please reply on which unit you are using and how you like it! I am going to purchase one very soon but would like some feedback on the different models if anyone has these!

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If you use an earbud/mic adapter for your phone, you require nothing else.


Put the ear-bud in, then place the mirophone portion inside the headphone/helmet earpiece.


You can hear the conversation through the earpiece, and to reply, you simply talk into the intercom. The sidetone will transmit into the earpiece and to your phone mic.


Works perfectly, costs nothing! 2.gif

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That is exactly the type that I meant.


You just place the microphone portion into the earpiece of your headset, and put your headset on.


You will hear the phone conversation directly through the phone earpiece and to talk on the phone, just key your a/c intercom and talk into the headset mic. As you hear this through the speaker (sidetone) in your headset, it will transfer directly into your phone mic which is of course, in your headset next to the speaker.


It really works. The limitation is that anyone else on the intercom will only be able to hear your side of the conversation, as you are listening directly through the phone and they can't hear that part.


Edited because the writer knew what he was saying, but the reader may not!14.gif

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