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punk eh.....

what about the freedom u supped provided?? I can`t say anything anymore??

what u gonna do?? send me to Auschwitz??? or u gonna block me from u r little forum......

Iraq is so dangerous????

why it only took 2 weeks to take the whole country over???

going to take them longer to take Alberta over the red necks here going to put up a better fight.......

greenhouse gases????

yeah that why u probably drive around in a SUV...with a stone age engine 5 miles to the gallon...

down one block to get ur milk....

and wounder why everybody is so obice....

See different from U I been 2 years in Iraq and cleared mines from all the morons involved and let me tell u there is no wieners in war.....just loosers......espesially the kids who play with the mines..an F14 dropped at 600 knots.......

the Americans violate the Geneva convention every day........

and that my friend is all u have in war.......

there is lots of good things in the military......but let not lose sight of reality.....what cause u die or worse get crippeld for....freedom or oil........i fight for freedom but not for oil......need oil go buy it

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The Fifth Element -------- the posts on this particular forum were ALL given in congratulation to another one of our members for achieving something that he very much wanted. There was no need for your type of comment, be it true or not.....it was completely "out-of-line". I also believe that you know that. There was absolutely nothing said on this forum to prompt your type of comment. The person in question is joining the Canadian Armed Forces. They are now stationed in Afghanistan and that's the old domain of the Rue De Lyonnaise. That company has not been in Afghanistan for almost 20 years. Yes......unbelievably there are really other extremely large and powerful oilfield service companies besides Haliburton Oil Ltd. in the world, but according to CNN you'd think the sun rose and set on Haliburton oil.


You might also want to reconsider pointing your finger south of the border when laying blame about "diddley". Research a company out of Red Deer, AB named "Safety Boss" and see what they are famous for and where all they have their noses stuck for oil companies. Also take note of a place in Calgary, AB called "The Oilmens Club" and how Haliburton are regular visitors to the place in order to search out Canadian expertise and employees. In otherwards, before you point at others about their "dirty hands" make **** sure your own country has none. If you can't do that....then zipper your yap because you just stand out as just another hypocrite. Lastly, you can bet your *** that the canadian Armed Forces aren't in Afghanistan to protect any assets belonging to any oil company HQ'd in France. They are there honouring a Treaty that they signed and shouldn't have. That I state because the majority of the other countries who also signed that Treaty are giving no help or only token help to her in her efforts. You'll also take note please that all of the countries not helping Canada in Afghanistan had no problem at all in asking and/or accepting help from her when the Kaiser and Hitler ruled their countries one time. Also noted is the fact that none of them have ever paid her back for efforts on their behalf , but they have no problem "bad-mouthing" her whenever they like.


The young man in question here may possibly see service in Afghanistan some day. He will join a long list of others who have done the same and will continue to serve there. Their service there will be quickly forgotten and when they look for sympathy for some old war wound or scar that hurts years later, they'll undoubtedly be told by the likes of you that they can find that sympathy in the dictionnary somewhere between the words Sh*t" and Syphillis"

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Show some respect for other opinons u mornonic idiot......

Your words, not mine. ;) I could poke holes in everything you said, but who cares? Not the time nor place. Perhaps lay off the fifth and check out the Forum's Code Of Conduct. :) Have a great day!




My apologies, A-Star Leader.

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Hey cap u actually believe what u say.....well seems like u can`t discuse any other mans opion without insulting him.... U ever been out of ur house???? Maybe one day u wake up and find there is a whole world beyond ur street... And Cap ur sympasy I do not need .. why ?? because u would not understand......


hey trans....speaking of conduct... ur buddy.... why don`t u send a link to cap too.....


Quote The Fifth Element eh? Isn't that the element you scape off the bottom of your shoe on the odd occasion and is associated with certain rectums? Unquote....

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Well, 5th...I do know for every action, there's a reaction. For every offense, there's a defense.


The Code of Conduct was posted for everyone's benefit.


I don't want to see A-Star's thread closed. I look forward to his training updates.


Jez want folks to get a grip before that happens. Passionate and differing opinions on such things go back to the beginning of time. It's just irrelevant on this thread...perhaps on this entire Forum.


Make sense? Nuttin' personal, BTW. Smile and pinch fer you! :) Make it a day!

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<_< F.E.......perhaps you could get your elementary school teacher to give you some spelling tips, grammer lessons and etiquette skills. The original "punk" description seems to fit you very well.....when you grow up, then you can come out and play with the adults. :down:
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this is the most entertainment i've seen for awhile. Please don't anyone close this thread, it's quite possibly the most active thread in weeks, lets not ruin a good thing.


I do feel for you Fifth, you're out of your league battling with these people. The "group" cannot be meddled with for long.....I unfortuantely see a suspension coming your way. I've been gone for less in the past.


I assume english is not your first language. I'll cut you some slack for the extremely hard effort it takes to read and understand your posts. But good on you for standing up for your opinion. When your opinion matches the status qou, you're in, when it doesn't, you're an outsider.


My advice, step back, take a deep breath and be sure of what you're saying. Many people here are too quick to judge and will slaughter you over statements made under less than ideal situations.




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When your opinion matches the status qou, you're in, when it doesn't, you're an outsider.

:huh: More like, when your well-thought-opinion makes sense and can be backed up by facts without offending the h*ll out of people, it is respected. Got nuttin' to do with insider/outsider/"the group" (whatever the hey that is), Fen-Fen. Who loves ya, baby? :P

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