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Persian Gulf!

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Is there anyone who is working in th Gulf?

Anything that you can share with us, in regards to accomodation, pay, travel and other general working conditions?



If you're talking the GOM there are several members on VR that work there daily.


if you're talking the persian Gulf there are a couple member of VR there also.


PM if you need further info.

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Well here's what I know.


Gulf Helicopters Doha Qatar. Stay away. Very badly mismanaged and still don't get that they need to crank their pay. Pilot and engineer abuse at its worst. They carefully work each employee to the legal max.


Abu Dhabi Aviation. Better but still no paradise. The biggest complaint seems to be the rundown rat infested rotted out trailers that they use for accomadation. They were put up as temporary accomadation 30 years ago. I saw them 12 years ago and they were bad then.


Aerogulf Helicopters. Dubai UAE. the best of the lot but also the lowest paying last I checked. Dubai is the best place to live. They prefer people to move there ( so called married accompanied) and give a supplement to afford housing. Dubai is an expensive town and I think most people spend all their pay on living.


There are also the police departments of Dubai and Oman about which I know nothing.


None have any benifits that work in Canada.


Check out PPRUNE http://www.pprune.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=23


for more information.


Furthur north CHC is working in Azerbaijan and a new contract in Khazakstan. Bring your parka in the wintertime.


Hope that helps.

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Dunno about the other companies, but I'm sitting here at Aerogulf in a very nice 2-bed apartment in town, flying what must be the best-maintained 212s anywhere with a bunch of very professional people - pilots and engineers actually talk to each other, and there are hardly any internal company politics. It is true that Aerogulf are not the highest payers, but then we only fly about 40 hours a month - you can double that with ADA and with over 50 landings per day! Having said that, the money in my pocket at the end of the month is the equivalent of a taxed 52K salaryin UK, which means around 100K in Canadian $.


As for Dubai being expensive - not really. The grocery bill is no more expensive than a Canadian one, and the petrol bill for my Jaguar is 30 bucks a month. I certainly don't spend all my pay on living - it goes on my HiFi!


All the policemen, local officials I have met have been very pleasant to deal with.


I don't think there is any reason to steer clear - I would rather work here than deal with the jughounds and various idiot customers in N Alberta



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