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Bell 206 Endorsements!


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There is no minimum requirements in the CAR's for a type rating, but the general rule is that the candidate must be able to perform the start up, all emergencies, and general handling before being let loose. This can be as little as 2 hours, or as many as 10 although I think that is unlikely unless the candidate wants the hours.


For 100 hour candidates usually 6 hours will do, 8 is better, and if the student has read some prior to, can do it in 5.


For guys with lots more experience, there is usually less required, since they will know basics of turbines and of hydraulics off flight.


Well those were my 2 cent.

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You Get What You Pay For,


What kind of training program will be included? Is there a professional ground school?


I know from experiance you can not do a proper endorsment at that rate. As a matter of fact you are looking at some one who needs cash flow. Lease payment is due, hmmm. How can I make money in January? I know! I'll start teaching some young pilot who doesn't know any better.



Is this the place you should spend your money? A quality instructor may cost money, but isn't the quality more important? Or are you simple looking to buy a few letters and numbers on your licence?




Just my thoughts,



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