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Okanagan Helicopters Reunion 2004

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The real money is for those Blue "Crew" hats, heard collectors will pay a lot to get one of them..... Now lets see how many of those I have left....


I took the last case of Orange hats home the day the name changed to Codfish Helicopter Corp, I had to, told I was going to be fired if we wore a ANYTHING that said OKie. :wacko:

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This reunion idea came up at Rocky Pearson's retirement party a few years ago. There were a lot of canes and walkers in the room. It made Al Eustis feel like a kid again with all his old mentors telling war stories.


It's good to see that someone is setting that up.


As for the hats, I have one of each and they are the pride of my collection. My brass Okie belt buckle was stolen in a break-in. If anyone sees it in a pawn shop, or if anyone has one for sale, please PM me.



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407 Driver ----- I meant that statement about the canes in jest, but with a note of serious in there too. What I also meant was that holding it in August is perhaps not the best time. It can be busy during that month and it would be a shame if all those that want to attend can'r because of job responsibilities. Some are BM's and can control some of that. :D Sorry there 407. If a bolt of lightning struck me down, I couldn't have resisted saying that. ;)


To all those that know 407 Driver, you will kindly refrain from replying to this until he does. It otta' be good. :D

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