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Tracking An Old B206 A

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The majority of the flying was for executive transportation. We know of one occasion where the aircraft was used for slinging seismic equipment around Donegal in 1968-1969.


On occasion in the late 1960s, the helicopter would land behind Irish Base Metal's office (Clontarf) in a paddock, for pick-up of passengers. Is this the cool building that you have mentioned? Probably. These occasional pick-ups were halted sometime in the 1970s as there had been security trouble concerning the IRA. Let me stress-no IRA trouble with this helicopter, just the government putting security messages in place.


It is interesting how the history of this aircraft keeps unfolding....



Thats the place alright just a carpark around the back now. I wonder where the aircraft was hangared?


Yes in 1973 there was a hijacking of an Alouette II by the IRA which they had land in the yard in Mountjoy prison and fly one of their commanders out. Prison guards in Ireland dont have guns so there was nothing they could do. Worlds first helicopter prison break by the way!


I just watched a tv programme this evening about the visit of John F Kennedy to Ireland in 1963 which reminded me of your photos of his brother in the 206. JFK was being flown around in a couple of Marine 1 Seakings . The only other helis in Ireland at the time were 3 Irish Air Corps Alouette IIIs. Theres my fun fact of the day for you.


Thanks for the reply. Cheers, Shane

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