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Conversing With Your Helicopter

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Boy, am I ever going out on a limb on this one! Have you ever found yourself talking to your machine? Be honest folks! If you have ever referred to your machine as "the old girl" or "she", I think you are half way to accepting that Helicopters have a soul. Maybe soul is not the right word, perhaps feelings would be better. Maybe it's just me, but I always get an uncomfortable twinge when someone refers to my machine as "IT". Anyone agree? No, this is NOT an April fools joke or troll!!


I've just put on my armored vest, so let fly at me if you so desire :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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Well, I do remember saying sorry alot around the 5-15 hour mark in the 172's, but now, they fly me... starting to get rather smooth if I may say so myself.


But in short... Yes, all aircraft, 172's included, have a soul/feelings.


But if they start talking back, land asap.

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I had quite a relationship with my first assigned helicopter in the Army. Her name was "Nurse Betty". It was a real tear jerker when she got sent in to rework and reassigned to a different unit.






She was a great helicopter, and one **** of a woman.

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i've been known to refer to the aircraft as a "f'n b*itch" on occasion......but now i just affectionately call them all by three simple letters...........(edited so feelings don't get hurt)

:shock: You are a bad boy to call them M-O-M like that, Fen-Fen! Atleast you're doing it affectionately. There's hope for you yet! :lol::rolleyes:


I've no doubt your machines have personalities all their own, each unique unto itself. Talk, talk! :)

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