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Flying Again!


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Well, after a considerable amount of time off, I have started flying again :D And on a new type of acft.: Katana DV-20. I was extremely nervous, but all went really well. My landings were good, and the approaches very solid. I guess all that practice last year paid off.


I have one question for anyone who has flown this type of airplane. I seems like you do not have to flare as much as in a high-wing aircraft (C172). I remember something like this being a characteristic of low-wing acft. Can anyone advise?


Once again, it was great to feel those wheels leave the ground :up:

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You feel the ground effect more with low wing aircrafts, so its easier to grease the landings. Cross wind techniques are a little different, prepare to crab more.


I fly Pipers now, feels more like a real airplane than a Cessna 172. Ultimately, i like being current on both types. I like taking a high wing up when sight seeing.

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I don't know of the DV20 - but I fly the DA20-C1 and was also current on 172Rs for a while at the same time - I definently notice big differences, but most of it is feeling the ground effect on the katana on landing.


The katana also has WAY more responsive controls.

My first take off in the C1 was very memorable because I rotated like a would in a 172 - we climbed to almost 30 feet instantly and the stall horn beeped at me - had to get the nose down in a hurry!

My instructor laughed and said everyone does that the first time... :up:

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