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Bad Hips

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we all know that drunks can fall down two flights of stairs, not break a bone, get up and pour another drink :lol: .


:lol::lol: ain't that the truth........and or carry on drinking the one they were holding high and rock steady with unparalleled determination not to spill so much as a drop while bouncing down those stairs like a flung sack of potatoes. :lol: (i might have done that once or twice) ;)

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Guest graunch1

Getting back to the original question....

Hip replacement with a ceramic joint is the way to go. My frau suffered thru 6 years of increasing pain and 6 T3s a day did nothing. Final got the zero time parts in December and the pain in the hip went away immediately. However---6 years of walking funny created lots of muscle memory plus a long scar where they remove the leg and using the best Makita Drill start the Service Bulletin. I am sure I saw our Dr in Princess Auto checking our new saws and hammers the other day <_<

Bottom line is that the surgery works but expect 3-6 months before the surgery completely heals and the muscles stop hurting

Downside, she is really going to kick my *** on the golf course this summer :)

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