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Guest Bullet Remington

Deuce and Coffeelover:


Thanks most kindly for your replies. I dp preshaded! As with ANY company, I am aware there would be godd, not so good and "other" statements concerning this operations. Which is "just grand"! (Newfie saying!! LOL)


And I do appreciate, for the most part your statement and I paraphrase " as with most companies, you get out of it what you put into it"!


I just have a problem with companies that require one to give up any sembalance of a "normal" life, sacrifice their families, and work for "sub standard rates" to work for them!


NOW I"M NOT IMPLYING NOR STATEING THAT THIS IS A REQUIREMENT FOR THIS COMPANY!! In that I haven't worked for them, nor do I know, directly, any body that has, any negative comments I were to make would be unfounded!


Again folks, THANKS for your honesty! I do appreciate your time in responding!



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Thanks for your straigt forwardness. Greatly appreciated!


Keerist, 3 Chiefs and 4 H Supervisors in 4 years is kinda much! Almost as bad as a "certain" company just outside Calgary! ( I can't mention the name, Kyle would be all over my butt like stink on a skunk's arse! :shock: )


I do believe that statement clearly defines the atmosphere clearly!


I appreciate the recommendation to contact Sky, but I don't like to contact folks privately to solicit information. Should he post here, then that would be different. In that he's chosen NOT to post any comments, I am of the belief that he wouldn't want to be bothered by PM either. And that's fine with me!


As is stated else where, I'm really not interested in working there full time, for less money then I can earn in a 3 - 4 month period working contract! And less then HALF what I can earn playing poker for 3 hours a day three or four days per week!


As for the cell phone thingy, I'm used to that. When I worked for a "certain" Natural resourses, I had a cell phone, an EMO radio in the truck and in the freakin house! The only time those things ring is when I was in the "Heads"! That's become part of the racket as well! Even though not every thing about the "Good Old Days" were good, I do on ocassion find myself wishing things were more like they used to be!! Could be that "progess' is staring and/or HAS passed me by!! :shock:


I hadn't heard about the machine gun incident! I can well imagine that was a messy affair. How about the fuel tank thing? You aware of that one??


After thinking about the Bonny and the Naval Air Arm, I do believe you are a mite bit older then I am! Now I'm NOT saying you're Old, old! BUt, were you and I Cars, I do believe on your arse it would say "Antique" while on the other hand mine would read "Classic"!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes:


Bullet Remington and Splitpin--New post

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I'm a pilot there so take what I say with a grain of salt. :unsure:


The former hanger super had been in that position for a quite a few years. He wanted a change of pace so he took a 1 mon on/off rotation at a busy base within CHL.


They temp filled his position with a great guy (in my eyes) who quickly assumed the position of chief bell engineer a few months later, as the former bell chief went on to another company on good terms as far as I know. The current cheif is holding both positions but it's getting to be too much.


confusing enough? :blink:

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