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Creative thoughts on ground school?


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Where im from, the instructors typically read the handouts verbatim. I can do that at home! Lets get some discussions going....talk about the exceptions and the ''what if'' scenarios. Some vids on the applicable subject (there are TONS of vids on met) would be useful too. Im not an instructor but have just finished up with my Com. license and am on my way with the instructor and have been brainstorming for ideas as well.....great topic starter!


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Met, flight opps and human factors are the easier ones to make interesting....


The ones that I am trying to come up with better solutions to are topics such as the CARs, engines and airframes, flight instruments and aerodynamics and theory of flight?


There are a lot of very outdated videos etc. out there. Are there any good/new ones that you would recommend?



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I figure the classes need to be more interactive, and always liked the guys that put stories into their classes.


From one guy, I remember that: "When buzzing boaters and ice fisher men, stay low enough till you are far enought away that they can''t get your wing/tail letters."


He also had some good advice on what to do when looking at objects on the ground and how to fly the plane.


A blend of practical is always best when teaching, rather than just the book stuff. For example, how to use simple techniques to figure out how to land into the wind. Determine how to enter a strange airport''s circuit pattern that you didn''t plan in advance.


In the end, make it interactive, interesting and entertaining, get a discussion going. It takes longer, but people remember by association. Put stuff in context: ''So if Mary Jane, is flying back from the Aviation museum in Rockcliffe, what airspace will she encounter. Suppose the visibility fell to 3 miles, could she fly home to take the dog (who is sitting with its legs crossed) out for its walk? Could she request special VFR?....'' If you create a character to use throughout the course, people identify with them, and it will make them listen just to learn more about the characters life. (Remember serial commercials... did that Maxwell House couple ever get together and do it? :) )


Groups are good, people learn from each other. Give them a scenario where they plan together. Heck, if you want truly creative, make the students do a skit. It sounds dumb, but I bet it would make em laugh and remember. When it comes down to it, adults aren''t that much different than children in what they like and dislike.


Okay, that''s my ramblings, off the top of my head, from a guy that has never taught ground school, but taught other truly boring technical stuff. I admit its not likely for everyone, but some of the older PPL students would likely go for it. The younger career guys will likely find it a waste of time, but they often are keen learners and don''t need the help anyway.

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