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Do you know how much more it would be for a dual visor?? and what type of mic did you get??


I think the extra visor was anohter 100 dollars or so but I dont really remember. One of the benefits of going in their to talk to him is he showed me the different options you have with the mic, visors, protectors and cord. The mic I got was half flexcord and half the metal bracket, seemed like the way to go for me and I was quite happy with it. You can get whatever you want though. If you're asking what brand the mic was however I don't know.

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Ok thank you all for the great info!


I ended up buying a Gallet helmet from Merit apparel for 1900$ Can with the whole thing, hush kit, Zeta liner etc...


Now to anyone who owns such a helmet I have a question:


How do the ear cushions behave in less than 5 Celcius temperature??????????


The reason for asking: I have been flying with the helmet for the last 5 days (just received it) and the last two days have been a bit colder like 5 Celsius yesterday and -4 today. The ear cushions were so freaking hard it is not even funny, I couldnt even fit the helmet on my head......Take note that I never left the helmet in the machine overnight, it was coming from a heated room and within 5 minutes they became rock hard.......a close to 2G's helmet.............man!!! Enough to piss off any man!!!!


Anyways, have anyone had this problem!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!

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You betcha, same for me. It's a product of the material used in the ear cushions and the Zeta liner. Not the helmet. I have the same one and it's like that all winter heli-skiing except when the sun beats in and keeps everything warm. Does soften up after a minute or two though.


Enjoy, it's much better than not having the liners and ear cushions.

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I do not have one myself, because I do not have anyone to have it for!!!


If I go down tomorrow, the only one who will care is the Engineer who last looked at the machine!!!


Speaking of which, I have seen a few senior Engineers with helmets.... Makes you think yes?


Hey OLG....how about, "just for yourself".......and, you have a big family out here in the industry, "we, do" care about what happens to our brothers and sisters......and yes, you are included.


Please take that as gospel, from....................... another "old timer" ;)

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A wise man recently told me that the value you put on your noggin is the value of the protection you use. Meaning;


-Headset = 0$ that means you think your noggin is worth nothing


-Helmet 700-5000$....how much is it worth to you?????






P.S that doesn't mean you have to buy a 5000 dollar helmet it just means that you have to invest in protection of what you feel is a adequet level to ensure that your head stays firmly attached and retains it's present shape....

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