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CARs information reagrding an ATPL.


421.35 Helicopters - Requirement


(1) Age


An applicant shall be a minimum of twenty-one years of age.


(2) Medical Fitness and Validity


(a) An applicant shall hold a Category 1 Medical Certificate valid for an Airline Transport Pilot Licence - Helicopter.


(B) The medical validity period for the licence holder under 40 years of age is 12 months and for a licence holder 40 years of age or over is 6 months.


© The licence holder may exercise Private Pilot Licence - Helicopter privileges until the end of the medical period specified for the Private Pilot Licence.


(d) The licence is maintained by a valid Category 1 Medical Certificate.


(3) Knowledge


An applicant shall have obtained a minimum of 70% on each of the two Airline Transport Pilot Licence (Helicopter) examinations Meteorology, Radio Aids to Navigation and Flight Planning (HAMRA) and Air Law, Helicopter Operation and Navigation General (HARON) on the following subjects:


(a) Canadian Aviation Regulations, and air traffic rules and procedures;


(B) Aerodynamics and theory of flight relating to helicopters;


© Meteorology;


(d) Airframes, engines and systems;


(e) Flight instruments;


(f) Avionics;


(g) Navigation;


(h) Aircraft performance;


(i) Flight operations; and


(j) Human factors, including pilot decision-making.


(4) Experience


An applicant shall have met the training requirements for the issue of a Commercial Pilot Licence - Helicopter that is not restricted to daylight flying and completed a minimum of 1000 hours total flight time of which a minimum of 600 hours shall have been completed in helicopters. The total flight time shall include a minimum of:


(a) 250 hours pilot-in-command flight time in helicopters as pilot-in-command, which may include a maximum of 150 hours pilot-in-command under supervision flight time in accordance with Section 421.11;


(B)50 hours night flight time as pilot-in-command or as co-pilot of which a minimum of 15 hours shall have been acquired in helicopters;


© 200 hours cross-country flight time in helicopters of which a minimum of 100 hours shall be as pilot-in-command or as pilot-in-command under supervision in accordance with Section 421.11;


(d) 30 hours instrument time of which a maximum of 10 hours may be instrument ground time and a maximum of 15 hours may have been acquired in aeroplanes. Instrument ground time may not be applied toward the total 1000 hour flight time requirement.


(5) Skill


Within the 12 months preceding the date of application for the licence, an applicant shall demonstrate in flight and on the ground familiarity with and the ability to perform, as pilot-in-command of a helicopter required to be operated with a co-pilot, both normal and emergency procedures and manoeuvres appropriate to the privileges of an Airline Transport Pilot Licence - Helicopter.

(amended 1999/03/01; previous version)


(6) Restricted Licence - Aerial Work Only


(a) Where an applicant has not completed the instrument flight time requirement or the night flight time requirement, the licence shall be issued restricted to aerial work only and the total dual and solo flight time requirements for the issue of the licence shall be met.


(B) Where an applicant completes the instrument flight time and night flight time requirements, the restriction shall be removed.

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