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A-star Longline Advise Reqd

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Guest broke

Dimit, take off your jacket, sweater or anything baggy, or tape it tight to your arm. Shift your butt as far as comfortably to the left as possible. Take the air scoop of the door and relax on the controls , enjoy. P.S, I wear a headset in the 350. I know,, I should wear a helmet.

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Move any moveable weight (i.e. survival kits) as far into the front right of the cabin or side pod as possible, this makes the machine hang further to the right and forward. A quarter-inch more view at the floor level is ALOT 150' down.


Use a 130' or 150' line.......nothing less than 100'.


Plead to your boss to put in the bigger window kit.


Slow down your final approach so the load doesn't suddenly appear in your window at the last second.


Put some mylar/blade tape on your helmet to prevent scratches on it, or it scratching the door frame.


Similar to what was said above, cut the toe out of an old sock, and slide the tube up your sleeve so your arm/sleeve doesn't block vision.


Slide your butt to the left, pull out the seat back, or the seat bottom. Replace then with something thinner (cut-up a thin blue foam camping pad).

None are very comfortable, but some guys like one or other of these methods.


Here's the big one.......Get used to it !!

This has been a problem since Astars were first built.......the Euro's got used to it in the eighties, and we all got used to it in the nineties when Astars really became popular over here.

It's not comfortable at first, but I'm 3 inches taller than you and can manage.

It's not my favourite thing to do but I manage........and Yes, it took a while of frustration before I found the right position.


Lastly, stick it out until you've got enough long-line time to apply for a Bell medium or Skycrane job!!


and guys...........please, please put your helmets back on !!

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6'2" and can long line out of astar with 50 ft line, it is a matter of practice. Use a visor on helmet with regular cushions and shoulder straps.


Take your right elbow and tuck it in to your side as close as you can, like your right pocket. tape or whatever your sleeve and put your chin as tight to your body as you can. Look down,,,,,ta da.

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...but have no problem seeing a bucket on even a 30ft line on one occasion


Tried that a couple of times and I too saw the bucket on ocassion: mostly when it went swinging back and forth through the view in the (small) window.


Rest of the time, I had no idea where it was.... :lol: :lol:


Bell mediums = much easier.

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