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A-star Longline Advise Reqd

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Guest Angry Egg Driver

I push the seat back as far is it will go.This gives you a better view through the window and brings your head back from the corner of the door.I have seen guys that were too short to do this flip the pedals around so they could push the seat all the way back.

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well, what i did was the same advice as given above for tall order pilots, i am 6'2" and it worked fine, but did not see a whole lot with 150' line, so I let the load swing forward a bit in the window and then gently set it down at the magic spot in the long line window, it worked, but not the greatest. And i did wear my helmet.


My advice is, just don't long line, :P haha

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A-star longline Adviste required. Nop !! Astar longline equipment required!!!! I find it way easier to Ll out of Bell, despite the lack of head room.


OT- The europeans never got used to it... I was there in Italy, they use a mirror system that works great and much easier to learn. Unfortunately the costs of the equipment is high and I guess Canadian operators wouldn't bend from thier ways.


Here is the link: for the Puma that has a photo... They make it for the ASTAR too.






Hi John,

I have been using mirrors in Europe for the last six months, and I can tell you they are flawed by design... Its certainty not easer (or even close to the accuracy) than Vertical Reference long line, nor would it be easier to learn using mirrors. One of the (many) problems with mirrors is forward and back are reversed so it becomes very difficult to move the load correctly if you go beyond the LZ or drop short... you have to use a mental picture of the LZ and then transpose that picture (backwards) as it appears in the mirror... if that makes sense? then you have very little depth perception with the mirrors even on a sunny day with a shadow... so its makes it hard to judge how high the load is above the ground.. My advice would be to stick with vertical reference as I am trying to get our ASTAR's converted to the floor window. Mirrors can do a okay job but I wouldn't want to set drill towers using them..




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hello there

I'm 6'2' and like some of the people said before me , i use a thin seat pad and no back stock pad, instead i bought a cheap old fashioned car seat cover that has a verlcro lumbar support ,i paid 14$ at crap and tire, and it works great .i spend most of my time moving drills with a small window (i dream about the big mod at night :))but it works great .At first i tryied with the seat all the way back but you lose the load all the time so instead i have it 2 clicks fwrd from all the way back and its much better! a little harder to get in and out but its like strapping the machine on , and it keeps you nimble. i fly like that all the time now and I'm very comfortable for those long 10h days like yesterday! you dont have to strech your arm out as much ....no back pain. the sock trick works good but looks a little funny, instead you can pick up elastic muscle band at the pharmacie for a couple of bucks.The leg ones work good and not too tight.

As far as the mirrors, i would love to see someone attempt to build a drill or to put the hook in the guys hand everytime with good turn around times......let me know ill come over with a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show!!

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gotta be honest, fan... just 'cos you can't do it doesn't mean it can't be done.. at least that's the way i read your post...


i think john gave a perfectly reasonable answer...


just my $0.02 worth...



fair enought, all i ment was that i would like to see it ...it would be educational in an entertaining fashion hence the popcorn:)

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I've never tried the mirror thing...but from what I hear....all the rescue work in Europe is done with the mirrors. Now I've done my share of precision and production longline work out of the astar. But real rescues, off mountains with mirrors....makes the hair on my neck stand up. But there has to be some level of accuracy there. I agree with fan, I'd like to see it...i'll bring the popcorn


As for astar longline advice. time in, and anticipation. Know what the machine is doing and you will know what the load is doing. If I told you to look straight out window (the front window, not down!), and put the load over a spot without looking down....do you know how many guys can do it....lots. Everyone gets fixated on the load. Control the machine and you control the load. A nice steady approach, get close..and look down...ta da the load is there not ripping through the window....


And if the seat is a real problem...roho cushion it. best $200 I ever spent. The 16"x16" cushion fits the astar perfect. allows you to get a bit lower without hitting the bottom or front of the seat..and comfy like you wouldn't believe


just my $.03



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