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I am thinking of picking up a transceiver and a GPS for use on seismic, forestry and maybe heliskiing down the road. I was considering either the Etrex Vista or maybe the GPS III Plus. For the transceiver, the IC-A5 caught my eye. Does anyone have any experience with these or other units and if so how do you like them. I'd also like to know how useful you find it to have your own vs. using the onboard GPS and/or the radio that may or may not be lent to you.

If anyone has specific examples of how a GPS can be useful on a seismic job I'd be interested to hear about it.



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Off the topic here slightly, but noticed your 130 in our barn here in YYT today. Nobody knew who was drivin the clean little ship.


Is it Richard or Gary?


BTW.......is Jim still in Fort Erie?

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i've had a IIIPlus for a few years and am happy with it - easy to mount in 206s, astars & mediums - you may wish to get a remote antenna as vibration tends to breakdown the GPS mounted antennas. if you're frequenting lots of different airports the IIIPilot may be worthwhile looking at - seismic machines usually are equipped with various GPS systems for dropping & picking up bags etc - your own GPS would mostly be to get from point A to B.


icom makes good radios - F3GT - 100 ch is one

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Thanks ####, (nice avatar)


Richard just burned outa here in the 130 a hour or so ago, she is a quiet little thing. Would not have known they had departed if they didnt scoot by the window.


Kinda wondering now how come LongRanger did not get one of those things, since it is a WIDEBODY! :P

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Went for a flip in the 130 the other day...nice machine, a little complicated though, don't know if I could catch on to the "flick the button to start" gizmo! That fancy new A-Star was pretty cool to... :up:

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Nice ride LR.................I will not ask who is driving, the coning of the blades gave it away :D:D


As for your requests;


DQ is going into hiding Wednesday night.


Talked to Ches himself today, they are puttin a ad in tommorrows Telegram for extra kitchen staff.


The Fairmont Newfoundland is having a Rum's From The World conference this weekend, I have booked you in a quest speaker..........almost like calling in a expert witness in a court case I figure.


The Fairmont has guarenteed me there will be no skinny Pepsi in the fountains.





BTW....when ya get of the ferry turn right, keep the land on the left water on the right. Do that for several hours until ya see this 05.jpg


you should be all right from here......but if ya do have any question please call me :blink:

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