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Skidsup , most siesmic jobs these days use Kodiak or Dynanav. This system negates the use of convevntial GPS. Whether your flying Front end, Drills or Recording, they should be provided by the company. The conventinal GPS that is in the A/C should be sufficant for all other tasks, ie Direct the hotel etc...The use of a hand held would be redundent. As for heliskiing the most efficant tool is landmarking. Although the GPS is accurate, it dosn't account for terrain in marginal wx. The most useful tool in heliskiing is local knowlege. There are somethings that cannot be replaced by technology. B) I don't mean to discourage you in regards to using technology to assist you in making appropriate decisions, however most of these products should be provided by your employer to do the job.

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Guest bag swinnger

Hey skids i have been using a garmin gps III pilot this year and I like it for the aviation data base as well as the moving map wich I can zoom in to 120 feet scale, but i use it in the 0.5 mile scale setting and it draws me a track line as i lay out bags and when i come back whith another rack of bags to the spot on the moving map where i left off and look down my last bag is right beneath me every time and when i am working in thick bush i even set up my approach to my next bag drop using the moving map. its been quite usefull and its small enough that i can use it in any of our machines on two seconds notice. our other guys use non aviation gps's with moving maps and are happy with them. i was flying a guy around yesterday scouting some seismic jobs and he had a garmin 76 with moving map but non aviation and he had every line with every jog for three small 3d's on the screen which was cool, but he said it took him two hours to to input it all and i don't know many pilots that are that keen. what ever you choose i would reccomend that you have a look for it on ebay as there is a pile of them for sale there.

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Bag swinnger no lines , and no drop zones that's the way of the future. Pilots discreation, as long as the drill is within the 15m bin. What are you gonna do when your GPS sh~ts the bed? Did a job for Veritas this summer in New York. The canopy down there is much like a rain forest, 190 ft elm and maple trees 0 refrence to the ground or crew. We were forced to use 250 ft steel longline for height and durability, kevlar line would have never survived. No slashers, no drop zones, no heli-pads, no line, and no GPS system. All we used were spotlights and radio's. 140+ blind hook deliveries a day with a 3000lb drill. GPS and avoidance hand cut please. Don't waste my time, you wanna fly siesmic give us a call. B) My apologies in advance for ranting way off topic. :D

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