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We still work very closly with Kodiak on test flying new software especially the laser survey system on drills. Finally had all the china hat's wired on all our 212's so you don't need to take your eyes of the equipment to enter new missions etc... there trying to incorprate new software that will give you not only differential GPS guidance and load weights, but the same screen will also give you engine torques,ITT,N1 as well as NR , Master and fire warning lights, all in the door. :up: Great system , but ya still need to know how to do it without the technology. B)

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V-Ref, Bid Duke, etc. Thanks for the info. I just started flying seismic and am usind a Dynanav. I keep hearing that most jobs use it nowadays which is good. As for landmarking, I agree it would be the best but first I'll have to get used to the job, equipment etc. before I'll have enough spare "attention" to start noticing the surroundings. Still quite a bit of 'heads down time' right now.

I don't have a handheld FM right now and it sure would come in handy, even more than a GPS at the moment. So I'm shopping. I'll check out Yasu, and Icom and Ebay. Thanks

Any more tips on seismic will be read with interest. Thanks for the info.



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