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Guest Bullet Remington

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Guest Bullet Remington

Hi All:


Saw on another site that this company is looking for S61 people. Wondering if any of you people work there and/or may have worked there.


Just wondering about the usual stuff. Working conditions, rotations, morale in the company, how are the Manager/s and/or owners. Etc, ect.


Should you prefer NOT to post, please feel free to PM.




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Date:24 April 2007

Position:Co-pilot Sikorsky S61

Company Name:Croman Corporation

Contact Person:Dave Venus

Street Address:#101 Hangar 12

5225 216th St


State/Province:British Columbia


Web address: http://www.pacificaircrane.ca

Email address: pacheli@telus.net

Phone number:604-514-4342

Fax number:604-514-4352

Send Resume By:Fax,Email,Phone,InPerson

Aircraft Types:Sikorsky S61


Job Description:

MUST have FAA licence as well as Canadian Licence. Rotations are two

weeks in and two weeks out. No experience required. All work is in a camp

enviroment. Heli-logging operation.



Closing Date:15 May 2007


I like the part that no experience is required for the s61 and they are looking for a 206 pilot but experience is needed.

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Here's the deal. Croman operates a "N" registered 61 in Canada and needs co-pilots with an FAA license and the ability to work in Canada. There is no real experience required. Pacific Air Crane is their counterpart that operates a 206 to support the 61 and of course some experience is required to do that job. :rolleyes:

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Guest Bullet Remington

Thanks for the replies folks. However, there is nothing in the posts that apply to me. :down:


I'm not a driver (helicopters anyways) just an old, ugly and contankerous wrenchbender! I did at one time aspire to convert from Plank Driver to Fling Wing Driver! However, consultation with the IBBLUFFE ( International Brotherhood of Balding, Loathing, Ugly Fat, Fuggin, Enginners, commonly referred to as BLUFF) advised me that hanging out a window, staring down a long line, while humped over like a puppy trying to fornicate a footbal, would seriously impede my ability to smoke and suck back coffee all day!

Further, this would make my membership invalid. So, I'm still a wrenchbender! <_<


I was/am looking more at the Maintenance side of the operation, if in fact, there is one!!


Anybody have any idea how that side of the company is operated??






I'm hurt!! You Pssssted on me!! Disregard that, for a moment ther I got a brief warm feeling!!:blink:

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Guest Bullet Remington

: you forgot about the divorced part. :lol:




No I didn't forget the divorced part. It's just that I'm not one of the many of the engineers and drivers that have had to suffer (in the majority of cases) through a divorce. I still have the same woman I married over 30 years ago!


And trust me, it ain't the looks,it ain't the lovin and it ain't the money that's keep her here! We started in this freakin racket over 30 years ago with absolutely nothing! And we still have most of it!!


I think she's stayin for the death benefits!! :rolleyes:

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