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You seem pretty stuck on the 300, none flying commercially really. Of course one may say the same about the good ol' 47. Difference is, if you can learn to fly the 47 well, you can fly anything.


When young pups ask my advice it's always the same: Find a good instructor that can SHOW you how many of his students have gotten jobs.


You seem keen young Cole, I wish you the best!



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We think alot alike Huey lover! The 22 really does not like my frame however, and this is the main reason I chose the 300. I didnt rule out the 47 though (in fact my number 2 choice was chinook (valley's school has been shut down) and Premier right on its heels.


I sent out probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 inquiries into whitch school to train at and an overwhelming majority told me about the attitude and skills of people coming from this particular school.


When it came to training the helicopter its self didnt really seem to matter, it was who had the most jobs landed (I know some graduates from this school and all of them landed jobs within a month of ending school barring one who opted to head to the rigs to pay off his loans), how the school treats its students, instructor experience (3 schools have 250 hour instructor pilots, not that this is bad but I believe in knowledge coming with experience) this also comes hand in hand with the CFI doing the same jobs I want to do, location, reputation (certain schools were an immediate "dont even think about it" from many pilots)


There are also some other factors that really sealed the deal (Take for instance, a well respected local pilot's son is just finishing the course right now and from what I hear he is loving every minute of it)


So over all I chose my school because I think its whats right for me. When I contacted a 206 school the first school off the toung so to speek was this one as an alternate if I had a lack of funds.


As for the 6 months thing I think Ive planned it out fairly well as Ill be starting in early january and finishing in late may at the very latest (fingers crossed). Keeping in mind all the stuff that Matt went through, I suppose one could call himmy guinea pig haha, what to do what not to do etc. I am 90% certain the DFTE at this school is in house so that particular circumstance ont pose a threat but I am aware of the variables that may play a role in my training.


Thanks nolan and huey lover, looking forward to hearing back from you.

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It has just been brought to my attention that one of my comments regarding Matt's training is easily taken wildly out of context.


What I meant by

Keeping in mind all the stuff that Matt went through, I suppose one could call himmy guinea pig haha, what to do what not to do etc.
Was that I can benefit knowing what referances and materials are available to me as well as knowing well in advance what some of the obstacles are.


My main referance was to Matt's experience with the west coast as now I see how easily weather can completely offset ones training. For those not in the know Matt's check ride was postponed due to bad weather. This quote was completely in referance to the flight training process and was not intended what so ever as negative connontation.


My sincerest appologies to any and all that misunderstood my intention in the above post


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Happiness or insanity I don't know...... either way, still smiling here too.


Good luck Cole, my only advice is to get as much money together as you can, from the folks, the government and your savings, so you don't have to take as much from the bank. Banks are great at telling you how easy it will be to make payments, but I sometimes think that they don't care if you can't eat or pay rent.


Pull pitch and go man.

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Yea, so appearently reading the last two posts didnt help the smile go away!


The reason Im making sure I can get a loan for the whole thing is to confirm that I can do it no matter what, the gov't is going to kick in quite the chunk of change, my parents havent told me if theyre willing to kick in yet (dont think theres ever been a fund for college let alone 50g's in 4 months)


Ive also stumbled upon some work that ill be doing until flight school after the summer that will leave me in a good situation as far as money goes so this is all going to work out.


Ive also found out that all three of the graduates from this last class at the school in question have all landed jobs (no pun intended) two of them flying, one on ground crew and working his way through the paperwork to get flying. This is very good news as my main concern was that coming out in may could leave me jobless, but thats not how it would seem so far.


Cole :afro:

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Guest heli206212
Cole - now is a real good time to do your training!



Hey Cole,


Sounds like you want to make a decision. Do you live inPenticton, B.C. . I know Tim from CHL there. Great guy. some things you may want to or already thought of.


1. If you become Unemployed, you can seek assistance from the Gov't. HRDC sponsor program.


2. Volunteer at a hangar in the mean time to get any experience you can being around the machines. You will surprised how many guys will take you up with Duals to keep you moving forward.


3. Student Loans, Avaition Loans, Student line of credit.


4. Do your ground school before hand with any Heli or Fixed wing school. Also get the manuals form the training place you are planning to go and study them in and out way before you do your training. With that all behind you concentrate on the flying. You can do your course in 2 or 3 months if you like, depending on how busy the school is.


But in the end, if you want to do it, go for it.


Good luck



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