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407 Driver

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Heard Alpine MGT told a few of there people to stay clear of the forum as to much info has been passed over it along with certain pictures that aren't to smart to post, I'm sure he is still reading the posts.


I've been there and done that too....I had Mike talk with my boss at some HAC thing I believe, next thing I know I'm hauled into the office and...well....you can get the picture.

If people figure out who I am and who I work for on their own, fine, but you'll never see me openly stating my name on here. Too much back stabbing and personal posturing to fight every single time you state you own opinion or idea.

Some people should respect your choices to stay anonymous, otherwise it just looks like you're trying to keep the black list alive and well.

407D is a great guy, a great pilot, but unfortuantely not one of my friends, as he's better friends with some of the guys I've had "discussions" with in the past. So you know that closes the door on me, and the locks are set.

I hope he comes back, he has alot more to offer this site than many of us can fathome.

Alpine would be doing the industry a disservice in trying to ban their employees from talking part in discussions here.

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