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407 Driver

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Pictures can lie. I know of a pilot who got pulled up on the carpet because the wrench he was working with took a photo of him spraying and it appeared that he was flying under some high tension wires...


What is wrong with flying under wires, on some jobs it is an operational requirement.


As for 407D, I have spoken to him in the past about the direction this forum has taken. He and I have been a part of this since early 1998 when it was AviatorSelect, Canadianaviation, CAaviation, about a half dozen name changes and site owners later, not many of the Old Boys Club post anymore.


You can also ask "where is CTD, Hightower, Bladestrike, LongRanger, Doctor Evil, and many others?" Probably on one of the other forums where members share information more like professionals or just reading as a guest like I do. It's not worth the effort to give advice on here then get harrased by some wanna-be basement dweller that has never had real contact with our industry.


This site has helped a number of folks get into the industry, but I've seen it limit a few too.


Remember, you are not anonymous. IP trackers can pretty much tell the user what your street address is. Be careful what you post.



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As the thread starter, I am beginning to regret that I asked the question...Splitpin and Plinko are correct, we all have great respect for the man and are doing him a disservice if this thread is starting rumours. End of topic as far as I am concerned...Kyle?



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