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Fixed Wing --> Cpl-h? Advice For A Newbie


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I've been seriously thinking about getting a f/w CPL first. I started with the same reasoning, that I could save some money by buying a plane just to train on and then sell. But I've been rethinking that position, it might be smarter to finance a used R22 for training than a Cessna.

Has anyone out there tried this approach?

If you want to fly heliocpters i would stick to heliocpters. if you want both i would buy i small plane to do your fixed wing course. my brother took his heliocpter then converted to fixed wing and bought a plane with a buddy. then payed about the same as through the school but ended up with a plane at the end and could get way more hours cheaper that way he is actually selling it now. but we both got jobs flying helicopters so not shure how much it helped him watch the schools though they all have a good sales pitch check out what the schools charge the school i went to charged for AIR time where i know some schools charge basically from when you get in the helicopter. which makes a big difference and the smaller schools i belive are better because they spend more time with you and try to get an instructor you like that will train you the whole course some schools you get a couple different instructors.

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The question is answered by your desire to fly, airplanes can give you great knowledge and experience with most aspects related to helicopters, weather ,control zones ,cross country,general airmanship.It is also a fairly cheap way to see if being in the air is right for you.


I started in airplanes,and slowley worked on my commercial. I owned my own airplane for 8 yrs. During that time i traveled throughout Canada and the US. The knowledge that i gained from 900 hrs of fixed wing helped when i started to fly helicopters,and still helps today.


I started in helicopters after 911, like many others ferrying helicopters. Iam sure that my experience with cross country flying, weather etc made it alittle easier on my boss to give me the work. I know it made it easier for myself.


Bottem line it is all knowledge ,no matter how you do it ,just do it. It has paid of for me and will for you if you truly have a passion for flying.

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All good points to consider.


Another one to consider is that 60 hours is the min to convert, not the norm...what if you need 75-80 hours to meet the TC requirements???


PPL at max, so that you can absorb more helicopter specific info while you do your CPLH, and fly your own float plane when you retire early :rolleyes:


Good Luck

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