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Flight Training


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The only reason they changed helicopter is because of all the over-weight people they were loosing to other schools.




HA HA HA! Why does that not surprise me. Maine has it's share of.... ummm... people on the heavy side, I happen to not be one. When I did my intro flight with them one of the instructors mentioned they have a couple R22s. My girlfriend was sweet enough to take me on a tour for an hour and then some this past weekend in an R44.


I had always been a little freaked out by the robinsons. I have heard a lot of bad things about them. But my birthday present changed my out look on them. From what I have read here at Vert an R22 or 44 is a good thing to have a rating on too. I have decided that I'll fly any thing any where as long as it gets me hours and experience. :blink:

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A few ideas I've had, might make sense for you:


1/ 1st 100 hrs could be for learning Aviation, starting to become a good pilot, and building a strong foundation of helicopter operating skills. It doesn't need to be about learning to fly this or that machine. Rather than debating which machine is better, you could spend yer time picking a darned good school/instructor who can teach you great aviation skills that'll transfer to whatever helicopter you fly. And when you go operational you will fly a variety.


2/ Once you've got good foundation skills, you can buy an endorsement (44/206/S61/EH101/Crane) if you want. Having the endorsement time on the machine that you'll probably get a check ride in means that you'll be more confident and less of a dork, both qualities a chief pilot will be looking for! (The cp at Transwest took me for my first 206 ride, then sent me back down the road. A nervous dork I was that day!)


3/ Don't go in debt. Work now, work hard, save your money. Shop at the thrift store, eat KD, quit drinking, whatever. Then when yer done yer training you can concentrate on getting that first job, and you won't have to worry about having to go dishwashing or whatever to keep the bank off your back. And when you have that first job you won't be screwed when yer paid a pittance.


4/ Go get a gas plant operating ticket, then make yer $$$ sucking gas outta the ground. THEN do yer heli training, and yer set to go to Airborne or Black Swan or whoever is doing the pilot/operator thing. Viola, you've gotta flying job!


Best of luck!!



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Thanks ****!


Thats all great advice. I work full time now and will through out my training. The debt thing is scary for me, I have bite off more then I could chew in the past so I am carefully making choices as I go along.


I have heard that there are some grants and things of that sort available after you get your private but I havnt looked into that at all yet, so I'm not banking on it. I dont like to count my chicks until they hatch and the fox has had a go at them ;)


Lucky for me I have a very very supporting girlfriend, which helps alot, and who knows where that will all lead down the road.


Personally... in my 32 years of life, military background and being a single dad I have found that if you think positive, work hard and dont give up you generally get what you want in life. And thats the truth!

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