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Pilot Position - New Zealand

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A long time friend here in New Zealand is looking for a pilot. The requirements are as follows.


* 2000 Hrs minimum helicopter time.

* Experience on AS350 and if possible EC120

* External Load experience a must.

* Ag Experience ideal but not essential.

* Must be Reliable, Responsible, motivated.


Types of work include:


* Charter

* Filming & ENG

* External Loads

* Heli Fishing


This position is very suitable for someone who wishes to become the Chief Pilot and take over the running of the operation in the medium term as owner wishes to start giving up his hands on role of the company.


The company is based in New Zealand and is a very well respected operator. Current fleet is AS350BA, EC120 with an AS350-B2 soon to be added.


If you meet the qualifications please send me a PM with your quals and we can go from there.


* Will assist with work permit for right person.


Heli Ops

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Haere-mai H-ops,

I'm wandering around this fabulous/stunning/breathtaking/delightful/adventurous/hospitable country in a camper-van presently.

I meet the qualifications, and have experience at that sort of work, plus have NZ citizenship already, (so I am just a little biased).

If I didn't work for a superb employer in Canada already, I'd give you a call.


Hey guys, give H-ops a call......this place is well worth a visit, and to fly here would be a real bonus.


Go All Blacks !!!!!!!!

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Been there Mr Monkey. It's spectacular place. We did the Camper-van tour in May, through both the S and N islands. This autumn in BC is the second autumn that I've experienced in 6 months. :D

Likewise, If I didn't work for the best in Canada, I'd consider it too, Oh, except I don't normally fly Eurocrapper products :blink:


Say Hi to those cute sheep just north of Methven for me, MMMMMM ;) Oh, and those other cuties just outside of Cromwell, and .......

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Heli-Ops, you can find my favorite Ewe a few miles north of Methven , look for the big cute Ewe with the lipstick, Oh I miss her !!

An Audi S4, HA!! a mere 450 HP, I'd put my KEA Racing Van up against it any day, :D Every shift in that Toyota Hiace was completed at 6,000 + rpm. many of your countrymen attempted to pull out to pass that KEA van, but did not succeed, (warning, NEVER rent KEA unit 534, after my 3 weeks of driving abuse!)

Can you do that trip in one day? The ferry alone is 1/2 of your day? The NorthAmerican crowds can only guess how slow and twisty your roads are too? Plus virtually no-one up here has ever seen a one-lane bridge!


How was the Heli-Ski seaon down Under? My guiding buddy never went down this summer, business sounded slow in GlenTanner?

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  • 2 weeks later...

The adventure continues...


407D..there are little lambs being born all over the place here.......and their wool has a stunning resemblence to your curly hair !!!

Hmmmm,.........is this more than just a coincidence ??


CTD,.....the roads here are so twisty and curvy they make the Duffy Lake road look like a freeway. I will send you some photos to make you drool.


Heli-ops,...... I zoomed past an Audi recently going down the Mangaweka hill.......do you remember getting waxed by a Maui Campervan blowing alot of diesel smoke ???? (Sadly, going up the hills isn't very quick at all....and even smokier !!!!!)


Gotta go...........I've got a date in Methven !!!!!!!


Good as gold, she'll be right, and cheerio Mate !!

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