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Flight Duty Times

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Just to sling some perspective into it, in Europe the JAA is trying to make new regulations, and the are apparently not as good as here! It used to be 800 hrs maximum a year while working, in addition you can take your private machine for fun!


Now they are increasing the maximum times, and basically lodging everything into that (so NO private flying time!)


:huh: That's JAA for you!

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Hi Downwash - no dog in the manger - I just observed that people were taking advantage of regs that don't even seem to be in CARs yet - and which were meant to cater for specific circumstances, i.e. base managers etc, not for normal use. I know you guys would be OK, but that's not what I've been hearing about others from people who have emailed me in my other role at Vertical.






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Remember the flight duty times you are now regulated by came about from the "airlines" lobby to transport canada. They are on an annual salary and wanted to do less for the same amount of money. "oh i'm over worked, these layovers in Milan are killing me..." etc (gotta love them unions eh?) :blink:


Transport Canada then lumped all the regulations into one set of rules! The problem is you now have the same numbers for commuter airline operations that you have for casual spec helicopter charters. :blink: it does not work and is money out of my pocket and the operators pocket. It no different than farming, you gotta make hay when the sun shines! :shock:

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Well. I've done laser survey and I've moved crews around. I gotta tell ya that after 6 hours of the former I'm glad when quitting time comes. The latter one just is not the same thing to me and once I got 'the rhythm' down, I'm good for 7-8 hours. Comes time to go beddy-by, I sure as **** know the difference between the two. Anyone pushing to have me do 8 hours of the former, better get a 'Help Wanted' advertisment in the paper real quick.


Having said that, when you have 'time-off and how long that is, can be just as potentially dangerous as hours flown.

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