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Too Much Down Time?

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Hey guys, If hypotheticaly, I had somthing to do with those videos, I might be temped to explain that they weren't intended for you guys to see. "why the **** did they end up on utube then ??" well I would only assume a severe lack of good judgement, among other things. I would also (Hypotheticaly) agree that the opperators name and equiptment should not have been evident as it was not the most professional looking production, and for that I would appologize. I would hypotheticaly be able to explain, as some of you guessed, that these took place during the accomplishment of normal tasks with some talking and camera work added. I would probably be glad you guys have appreciated what you saw, and for the most part be appreciative of what you guys have posted, even though some of you I guess get embarrased when your bucket leaks water immediatly after deployment (that's somthing you just might have to come to terms with my friend) and jammedleft ... there might be issues with royalties.



But this would be hypotheticaly speaking............

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Well jammedleft, if that really is your name! after what just happened I've been hiding in the mountains of Afganistan, waiting for smoke to settle. In fact, a quote from Ron Burgundy comes to mind, as is remarkably fitting .....


"Boy, that escalated quickly... I mean, that really got out of hand fast."

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Guest bag swinnger
I sure hope that's not a moose. If it IS these guys are to dumbest most ignorant fellows ever to disgrace this industry. And even the idea of moose fishing is sickining. I'm sure VIH is proud the have these fools as employees and their machine gracing this movie, NOT! Mabye you guys could audition for JACKASS.



I thought that the two Videos were humorous skits for sure but they could have been taken out of context and even considered by some as bad PR so since one of the videos names was "Moose fishing" this post is for anyone who still may be a skeptic about VIH's attitude towards any animals including Moose.

These Photos were taken on the 21st of April 07 on Tabor lake near Prince George Where we (VIH) were involved in a rescue of a Moose that for 2 1/2 days had been falling through the ice and struggling back up time and time again. Concerned Residents of the area had contacted Conservation officers and VIH for help in the matter. The Conservation Officers wearing survival suits, bravely ventured out on to the lake carrying a small Zodiac and a tranquilizer rifle, where they assessed the situation then coordinated a plan to put one then two well timed tranquilizer darts into the animal and when they were convinced the animal and them selves were at minimal risk of breaking completely through the pilot flew a net and supplies out to there location where the conservation Officers carefully repositioned the animal into the net and the animal was flown to the top of Tabor ridge where it was gently set down out of harms way of any carnivores looking for an easy meal. the pilot landed beside the animal to open the net and check on its condition and it was left to recover from the tranquilizer under the watchful eye of a Conservation Officer. The equipment was later returned to our office and the pilot and the Operations manager had discussed the Topic and decided that in the interest of good community involvement that whole thing should be non rev.





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The equipment was later returned to our office and the pilot and the Operations manager had discussed the Topic and decided that in the interest of good community involvement that whole thing should be non rev.


Nice show of class from VIH.

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I like to hear stories like that. Thanks for sharing it bagswinger. I'm sure VIH or any other company would like to be known as the crew that helps out rather than the crew that makes silly movies. It kind of struck a nerve with me( The moose fishing movie ). I heard many times passengers talking to each other like, "hey remember when so and so chased that bear or goat for ten miles. Wasn't that funny hahaha." It makes me pretty mad. Its just abusing the privilege of flying a helicopter without major regulations. I might sound like a old cranky fart to some but I'm not, I'm just respectful and thankful for what we got here in Canada.


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