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Moose Fishing

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Geezuss phuking keerist people.


For a minute, today, while sitting at work I thought this was an interesting forum instead of just a ***** session for a bunch of helicopter weenies. Oh well. I guess I live in hope. I think VIH should be proud of the way their crews are showing a little humour in what is usually an every day boring life. Someone should share some vids of real heli skiing in Newfoundland.

hey Wiggy, as that was only your 3rd post since oct. of '06 of your sign up, you make a rather bombastic statement for no particular post other then listed which is not current.


my comments referenced the fact that a member with EXTEREMLY few posts should make a comment as above in regards to a video that in several points could be deemed as dangerous, reckless and/or just plain stupid for crews to do, whether this was intended for pure pleasure is irrelivent, promoting such actions, especially to the " NEEBES" is something that is not what should be used as a reflection to this industry.


I guess poor Wiggy isn't part of the esteemed group and is being alienated for his post. I wonder if this exact same post by any of the top 10 would have garnered the same response from you.

This is a forum, everyone has a right to make a post about what they want to post about, Wiggy is no exception.

67N, go moderate one of the many other sites you frequent.....leave this one, and the members who don't need to fill a daily quota of posts, alone.

I can see why so many newbies are afraid to talk.


Fenny, "wiggy" and every member here is part of the esteemed group, we're all part of the same industry. I may have let my VR moderator side come out much, but I stand by my words as this industry whether it be north or south of the border gets far too much bad publicity is regards to safety, downed or crashed helicopters get far more publicity than planks and this, in my opimion does not help the matter.


mellow the **** out people and remember that what goes out there in the public eye effects everything we do from safety to wages. THINK ABOUT IT!


fly safe people, and think about what you release to John Q Public.


remember he is dumber than a box of rocks when it comes to this industry.

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