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"bbrrbb" Association...

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I find it quite interesting that a few of the regulars have not participated in the other "association thread" so for them I start this association!


It is the Beers,Bikes, Ribs, Rocks, Breasts and Bells association of which there is no president, committee, or user fees. Just a free lifetime membership and all that is required is a sense of humour and dedication to your job! We will not change the industry or the world, just enjoy what we have! ;););)

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Guest graunch1

sounds great! But who is going to write the By-laws, elect the Executive, collect fees so that the association can hire a "professional"manager?? Oooops i guess I was thinking about another helicopeter association :P

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I'm in. With caveats.


1. There must be a full-on meal and Scotch / wine tasting at every meeting.

2. Nobody calls anybody 'brother' or 'sister', unless that person is actually your brother or your sister.

3. There must always be someone available to cut up RDM's food.

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I'll volunteer to be food cutter-upper. I have excellent references, just ask my son and daughter. Well, you won't get a straight answer from the smallest gannet as her vocab is somewhat limited at the moment. Will cutlery be provided, or is it going to be BYOKFS? Oh, I almost forgot. While I will cut up food, I will have to ask that second helpings for me be reserved if I have to feed anyone. I'm tired of eating warm food that was supposed to be hot and cool (melted) food that was meant to be cold....

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